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iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

This week was pretty fun!

Sunday we went to the local Grange Fair- rides, farm animals, pig races, dogs doing tricks, a souther rock band, cheese fries, gyros, pulled pork sandwiches, games, etc.  To see hilarious video of Mabel rockin’ out to the band, click here.

These Dahlias were AMAZING! The size of my face!


Checking out the bull.

Mid-week I had a late meeting (7pm), so Mac and Mabel came down to meet me for dinner.  Here she is enjoying a shake at Rita’s.


And here she is running around like a maniac in the store- I was glad the only other customers were a dad with his two wild children.

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor!



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iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

Last Friday we headed up to the Catskills to assess Hurricane Irene damage to our cabin up there, drop off much-needed supplies, and spend time volunteering to help with disaster relief.  I wrote about it here with lots of non-camera phone pictures.  The trip up was long, given how damaged the roads are, and it wasn’t a typical, relaxing Labor Day Weekend, but it felt good to help out a little.

Once we returned home, things were pretty low-key, for a change.

I got flowers from Mac for no reason.

Mabel was her usual, adorable self.

And finally, Thursday, after days and days of rain and flooding- some blue sky.


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iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

This was a pretty crazy week.  We’re grateful that the impact of Hurricane Irene was minimal at our house, but the Catskill Mountains where we have a cabin was devastated.  We’re headed up there today with supplies for our neighbors- many of whom lost everything.  It’s heartbreaking.

So, here was our week since last Friday…

This is Mabel- looking adorable- all ready to head out for some pre-storm shopping on Saturday.

Out to dinner with the grandparents- a Hurricane party of sorts- before everyone went home and hunkered down for the onslaught.

A shot of our side yard during the storm. Our neighbors pool overflowed, and a pond appeared in the low spot. Thankfully we never lost power and our sump pump was able to keep up.

Trapped in the house on Sunday. I blame cabin fever for this Michael Jackson sock with winter hat ensemble.

By Sunday late in the afternoon, it was gray and windy, but otherwise pleasant. We were able to get out of the house and burn off some energy.

Oddly- I didn’t take any other pictures all week.  I did take a some videos that I posted here and here.  Other than that, it was spent figuring out how to get to work with all the road closures and making sure our cabin in the Catskills was safe.



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iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

Out to dinner at Torches on the Hudson (sans child) after a successful attempt at shopping for a new car.

The reason we had to go shopping for a new car.

Flowers from the Historic Lewes Farmers Market- that subsequently hatched tiny caterpillars who we kept finding all over our kitchen even after we tossed the flowers.

Checking her messages.

Reading to the dog.

Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Belleayre Music Festival!

Not breaking my sunglasses at the doctor's office.

The littlest kid at Spellbinders Storytime, moments before making the little girl in the blue shirt her best friend and sitting on her lap.

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