iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

This week was pretty fun!

Sunday we went to the local Grange Fair- rides, farm animals, pig races, dogs doing tricks, a souther rock band, cheese fries, gyros, pulled pork sandwiches, games, etc.  To see hilarious video of Mabel rockin’ out to the band, click here.

These Dahlias were AMAZING! The size of my face!


Checking out the bull.

Mid-week I had a late meeting (7pm), so Mac and Mabel came down to meet me for dinner.  Here she is enjoying a shake at Rita’s.


And here she is running around like a maniac in the store- I was glad the only other customers were a dad with his two wild children.

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor!



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2 responses to “iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

  1. Mmmmm, I want one of those chocolate shakes! And maybe a bouquet of those dahlias, too. =>

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE Dahlias! They are one of my favorites, for sure! I had them as my wedding bouquet too!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with iPhone Photo Friday!

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