Happiness Is… burning off steam after a hurricane

Mac, Mabel and myself are very fortunate to have suffered merely cabin fever with Hurricane Irene.  We never lost power, nothing was damaged, everyone was safe.  Other than a more convoluted commute through Westchester, we’re unaffected.

Our neighbors in the Catskills were not nearly as fortunate.  Our family cabin in Big Indian, NY was spared, but our valley there was nearly destroyed when the Esopus overran its banks and literally changed its course.  Residents and visitors to the Valley spent several days completely isolated by washed out bridges and roads.  Homes were destroyed, cars were washed away.  The Full Moon Resort where Mac and I were wed almost 3 years ago had an entire wedding reception stranded there until yesterday.

The Watershed Post has been extensively covering the destruction in that area, and the scope of it is upsetting.  Seeing my valley ravaged, breaks my heart.

However, in this case, happiness is knowing that we can rebuild, that no lives were lost in our valley, that our neighbors pulled together and took care of themselves (even facilitating their own rescue by hot-wiring some county machinery and repairing the road themselves!).  So, we will labor this Labor Day and do what we can to help our neighbors.

To end on a lighter note, this is Mabel on Sunday, on our hurricane-ready deck cleared of furniture, burning off the all the energy she had left-over from a stormy day locked in the house.

She is happy, and she knows it…

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5 responses to “Happiness Is… burning off steam after a hurricane

  1. Man, do I know where you’re coming from! I’m so glad to hear that you, like me, were mostly spared, but isn’t it hard to watch your community go through something like this? Glad you could still keep it light–great video 🙂

    Thanks for sharing at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  2. Its been a rought one for many…glad you and your family have are making it through-Vido is so cute!
    Stopping and following with Happiness is HOP

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