My titles include Scientist, Wife, and Mother, amongst other things.  Whether it’s oncology, marriage, or parenting, I’m working on getting it all down to a science.  This post makes for a good introduction.

If you’re wondering about the header, it’s an image I took as a graduate student of a C. elegans mutant that exhibited the “bag of worms” phenotype.  An unfortunate phenotype that arises when the worm is unable to lay its eggs and they hatch within the parent (in the case of C. elegans, neither the mom nor the dad since they are hermaphrodites).  Perhaps a grim reminder to all of us not to let parenthood consume us?

Want to reach me?  Try at mazafratz on Twitter!

3 responses to “About

  1. Anne Barber

    Hi there,

    Wasn’t sure how best to get in contact with you – but I saw your comment on Offbeatmama and we’re actually looking for a family daycare in that area. If you’re comfortable sharing this info, could you let me know the name and contact info? I realize I’m a total internet stranger, so if you’d like more info from me, just let me know what I can share. And if you’re still not comfortable, that’s cool, just feel free to delete this comment.

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