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Why are they immune? #BlackLivesMatter

When scientists are wrong or commit fraud, other scientists speak up, point it out, correct it. Science has its flaws, that’s why it is crucial to be self-correcting. Peer review, transparency, sharing data, independent confirmation, etc.
It does not diminish science to have fraud or misconduct recognized. It strengthens science to self-correct.
Plenty of venerable professions are similarly held accountable for their actions- medical professionals responsible for malpractice, for instance.
It’s in the failure to recognize, the failure to correct, that trust and respect are destroyed- the Catholic Church protecting child molesting priests, for instance.
Why are police venerated to the point that we, as citizens, cannot speak out and recognize the problem of police brutality, particularly how it harms black men and people of color, without being labeled anti-police? Why isn’t the law enforcement community themselves leading the charge to address this issue? Where is the recognition that this is a problem? Where is the self-correction and transparency that builds trust?*
We have a serious issue, one that is eroding public trust. The data are clear, black men are disproportionately killed by police, even when you correct for crime rates and all the other confounding factors. It comes down to race. It is time we as a nation, for once in our history, agree that #BlackLivesMatter and are deserving of our action and attention at this critical moment.

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