Stop tapping/slurping/breathing I have Misophonia!

Have you ever read an article online or in a newspaper or magazine about a disorder or illness and recognized yourself?  Yesterday, I did.  I have self-diagnosed myself with Misophonia.  I would also bet that once you know what it is, you will recognize people you know who have it, maybe even yourself.

The New York Times article is this one:

When a Chomp or a Slurp Is a Trigger for Outrage

So, what is misophonia?  According to Wikipedia, it’s

…”literally ‘hatred of sound,’ is a form of decreased sound tolerance.  People who have misophonia are most commonly annoyed, or even enraged, by the sound of other people eating, breathing, coughing, or other ordinary sounds. They are not normally annoyed by sounds that they themselves make. Reactions to these sounds are not limited, however, to just loud eating noises; people with misophonia find themselves affected by all kinds of noises.  Such reactions are also involuntary.”  Wikipedia

That describes me pretty well.  Heavy breathing, slurping, chewing, swallowing, tapping, loud typing, snoring, teeth grinding, dripping water, background noise like running air conditioners or the compressor of a refrigerator, all are things of which I am acutely aware.  They annoy me.

The first instance I really remember of it was in high school.  The kid behind me in chemistry was snacking on trail mix.  The sound of his chewing and swallowing was driving me to distraction.  I tolerated it as long as I could, then turned around, snatched the bag away from him, and said, “You can have this back after class.”  He just looked dumbfounded, but didn’t argue with me.

When I read about the list of coping mechanisms, I saw my own behavior:

People with misophonia tend to use varying coping methods. Most people will simply avoid the sound and leave the room/area altogether, whereas some will try to block the sound with earplugs, music/listening to music on headphones and in more extreme cases, not socialise for fear of hearing the sounds. It is important to note that sensitivity to the offending sounds are often far more severe when the origin of the sound comes from a person that is emotionally connected to the sufferer.  Wikipedia

In my current job, I’ve had to close my office door (which is not commonly done by my colleagues) because it was the only option other than screaming at the guy who sits right outside my door, “STOP TAPPING YOUR FOOT!  IT MAKES ME WANT TO SHOVE A PENCIL IN MY EAR!”  Thankfully, there was a rearrangement of the outer-office and that guy moved across the room, so I can leave the door open and no longer look like a biyatch.

I contacted the Facilities Department to see if something could be done about the compressor for the cold room next to my office because it kicks on frequently and is incredibly loud to me.  They said there’s nothing they can do.

I use headphones to try and drown out the sound of my officemate chewing so loud I examine his lunch wondering what in the hell a man can eat that generates that much noise.

I cannot sleep without earplugs.  I have half a dozen pairs in my house and in my toiletries bag for when I travel because every sound I hear when I lay in bed- my husband breathing, my daughter dreaming, the dog’s tags tinkling, the refrigerator coming on, traffic on the road, crickets chirping- all keep me awake.  For a while a white noise machine worked, but eventually even that became too loud.

My dog knows the command, “Stop licking,” because I cannot bear the sound of her tongue and her mouth when she does it.  I’m pretty sure my husband has some kind of swallowing disorder since the sound of him swallowing is different than anyone else I’ve heard (it sounds like he’s swishing the liquid around in his mouth before swallowing).  When he really wants to annoy me, he makes mouth noises on purpose.  I cannot stand having a phone conversation with my mom if she’s drinking something- the phone amplifies the sound of her swallowing.  I can’t talk to people on the phone while they are eating for the same reason.  During lab meeting, where lunch is served, I intentionally sit as far away from my supervisor as possible because it sounds to me that eats like a pig at a trough and I want to gag.  On an airplane, the engine noise makes me want to plug my ears it is so loud.

I posted a link to the NYTimes article on Facebook, saying “I think I have this.”  My sister commented, “You definitely have this.”  A friend from grad school commented, “I just read this article in the NYT and thought of you! :)”  So I guess my self-diagnosis is dead on.

It’s ironic because I also get teased for being hard of hearing.  I can hear someone speaking, but I can’t make out what they are saying.  I have to actively listen, then basically guess what they said based on what rhymes with what I actually heard and makes sense in this context.  I went so far as to have my hearing checked and I hear perfectly.

After reading this article, I actually wonder if I hear too much, or too well and I can’t focus in on the speech because of all the background noise.

Do you have misophonia?  Do you know someone who does?  Have you ever diagnosed yourself from an article?


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171 responses to “Stop tapping/slurping/breathing I have Misophonia!

  1. The sound of my dogs licking drives me crazy. And my husband chewing, especially when he’s reading a book at the same time and not paying attention to things like, say, keeping his mouth closed while there’s food in it. Maybe I have a mild case of misophonia? Or a family-induced one? =>

  2. Erin

    Everything you have just described is me to a tee! I get super annoyed, almost enraged, by my fiance (another others, he just gets the brunt of it) chewing, breathing, snoring, or scratching. Even if he moves his foot under the covers, I can hear it and it immediately changes my mood. This is a huge cause of tension between us, as he thinks I am just crazy! He wonders sometimes how I can hear such small noises. I do not know when it started, but I know that my grandfather was the exact same way, which makes me believe it may be genetic. I have always thought I was just a major bitch (pardon my language) for getting so MAD over NOISE! I am glad I am not alone after reading this blog and other websites on the topic. So, thanks for sharing… And good luck

  3. katie pilkington

    i just recently started looking into this. my mothers constant lip licking/smacking drives me nuts. my dad tends to tap on things contstantly to the point where i’ve acctually punched myself in the face. dinging, tapping, smacking, clicking, things with a higher tone drive me to the point of no return i want to just leave. do you think i have miso?

  4. me

    gum – drives me so crazy it hurts my head. Last night I even woke up, because my wife was popping the gum downstairs
    slurping – don’t even get me started – really? it is that hot… and why do people slurp if it is a cold drink?
    foot tapping – the sound… and everything moves around you

    yeah… i think i got this behavior.

  5. Brooke C.

    Im 11, and read an article about this this morning. It said it normally starts around 11…my mom always complains about how the people we went on a trip with chews like a pig. They do! Don’t get me wrong… 🙂 but ever since that trip I’ve been very sensitive about that subject. I notice my mom does it too! I get do angry…not purposely…and begun to do it too. “Stop eating like a pig, Brooke,” she said. “YOU TOO!” I wanted to yell.

    I now have self-diagnosed myself of this. D: I want it to stop and let me have my childhood back!

    • Vicky

      Oh my!

      I’m 12 and I have had (self diagnosed misophonia) sine I was 8 ish I would sit there snapping pencils at the back of the class room it was and is so bad. My father I think has miso too he would yell at me for chewing loudly now I do too. I can’t do tests with the sniffing I want to cry, scream and kill…

      My father is very intense and I can’t talk to him about it but he seems to cope with it better than myself. I also feel like misophonia is stealing my childhood; I HAVE to iseolate myself from my family because I can’t cope, I can’t see a doctor to help me cuz my parents don’t and won’t understand.

      So I know how you feel.

  6. ben

    I’m a university student, I think I have a affliction to the one described. I’ve just had my exams and trying to concentrate while people around me are coughing, tapping, moving their legs and other body parts in a hyperactive manner is torture. I’m hyper aware of what is going on in my environment auditorially and visually. My brain is about 90% occupied with how I’m going to kill the person annoying me and 10% on the task at hand.

    • lc

      I have this also go to your campuses special needs department, they aloud me to write tests in a different room with head phones if I needed them, I needed a doctors note but it was worth not failing a $25000 university class.

  7. Darren

    ive suffered with this for years. first time i remember it affecting me was in “school assembly” when i’d sit next to a friend of mine, who would always clear the phlegm from his nose (sutterly) but it would GO RIGHT THROUGH ME EVERY TIME! Then it started affecting me at the dinner table in my family home. I am 23 years old, and havent eaten dinner properly with my family from the age of around 17/18. I haven’t managed to come up with a way to control the feelings it generates. Very happy to know that im not the only one and im seeking medical advice with in the next week. best of luck guys and girls

    • Z, The Thing That Killed

      I hate you for inventing the word ‘sutterly’. It itself is a severe trigger for me, and I have to work hard not to play it back in my head, which makes it worse. Why can’t people not do that?


  8. Alexia

    I have misophonia, I’m currently in high school they started in 9th grade. I just find breathing, chewing, snoring, and background noises really annoying. This makes family vacations really annoying when you can here everyone snoring, most noises make me angry, eating dinner with family is also very agitating. Sometimes I just leave the room altogether, I like to spend time in my room where it’s quiter and not have to here the noises. Also having the volume on anything to loud is annoying. Glad that there are other people out there who understand

  9. Miguel

    I’m 19 and I believe I have Misophonia. The chewing of popcorn… Abhor. The crunching on ice… Goosebumps. The Kit-Kat commercials… I change the channel ASAP. The licking noises of my dogs… I wIsh they would juat stop. I was almost driven to tears once because I could hear every single chewing sound coming from my family’s mouth, as they ate chips and popcorn on movie night. Thought I was a bit insane or just plain mean for feeling enraged at the hearing of little sounds. I realize I am not though. Misophonia… it’s evil. Needs to be studied more. An actual treatment/cure is needed. This article, I am grateful for. Thank you.

    • Steph

      Me too with that damn kitkat commercial!! Every time it comes on I want to punch every single one of them in the face and yell, “No you’re not cute/clever, you’re super annoying actually.”. And I agree with popcorn…it’s the worst when my mom eats it. I’m cringing just thinking about it…yuck. But yes I also thought I was just a huge bitch for it…and I was told to ‘get over it’. Hah. If I could I would.

      • Jeff

        Wow I thought I was the only who hated that dam Kit Kat commercial andother ones with people making noise while eating chips and candy bars. I am now 55 and no longer work due to a dissabilitie not related to this. I worked on construction sights for years and always figured the noise in my from my children and others bothered me becuase i was around noise all day. Now that I am home all day every little thing drives me up the wall I thought i was just old and grumpy. It did not make sense why the smallest noise drives me up a wall. All the things that everyone has mention is me to a tee. The sad thing is my 5 year old adopted dopter gets that brunt ot it and that is not fare to her children be able to play in there own home but the noise drives me crazy. Is there no help for this.

        • Yes, the minute I know the Kit-Kat commercial is coming on, it’s changed. Has anyone else ever had anyone say to you “just don’t let it bother you”. And I say to them, “do you think I LIKE to have this bother me. I can’t help it!!!!! Glad to know that I’m not alone, or crazy. 🙂

    • M.E.

      Kit Kat commercials, Carl’s Junior burger commercials, with that slobbery chewing sound, and the Silk Almond Milk commercial where the guy takes a drink and smacks his lips after taking a drink! My wife has learned to lunge for the remote to mute it as quickly as possible; having to listen to those commercials puts me in a foul, grumpy mood all night. It’s gotten to be a running joke, My issue with certain sounds started in Grade School, listening to the little kids around me chewing with mouths open; they did not seem to realize that while eating, closing your mouth is an integral part of keeping foodstuffs from falling out of one’s facehole onto the floor or tabletop. The incessant gum chomping drove me crazy, as well. I had a Fifth Grade teacher (who was also the baseball coach) who sat at his desk chomping all through class. One day I walked up to him, locked eyes with him for about thirty seconds; when he started chomping again, I shouted, “NO!” at the top of my lungs, convinced that I might alter his behavior through negative reinforcement… as he, startled, choked on his gum, I dutifully ambled my way to the office for the inevitable reprimand.

      Years later, I worked for First Interstate Bank. It was an unfortunate happenstance that I lunched at the same hour as the Korean and Vietnamese that leased office space in the Tower. Slurping and smacking food, for them, is a cultural must; it shows appreciation and enjoyment. Unfortunately for me, they took it to the extreme. Never before have I heard cookies, toast, and dry doughnuts being slurped. The day that they discovered tangerines were available in the cafeteria was a day that I am certain Satan himself pulled up a lawn chair to chortle as he waited for me to explode. Get thee behind me! I prevailed simply by eating my lunch sitting on the counter in the Men’s restroom off the sky bridge cafeteria.

      I have not been able to find a foil for my reaction to those squishy, slurping, and smacking noises that abound in daily life. Avoidance is key – quick television remote use helps for those particular commercials (They know who they are!) and I avoid eating out in restaurants, especially where denture-smacking or toddler spit-up noises abound. It is not all-consuming, but I treat it as an allergy; if you can’t eat peanuts, stay out of the places that sell Pad Thai. Oh, yeah, and juicy tangerines.

  10. Heather

    I think I have it too. It started when I was a child.
    Lip Smacking
    Heavy Breathing
    Gum Chewing
    Clinking of metal on metal and metal on glass

    People eating soup is particularly agitating. The cubicle walls where I work are a zero in the area of noise cancelling. I almost lose it near lunchtime when people start to eat lunch at their desks. Headphones do not drown the sound out nearly enough.

    • Ugh. I don’t know WHY my office mate must eat raw carrots. WHY!?

      • Max

        Uhh… because they’re healthy and delicious? I have misophonia as well but when you phrase it like that you are projecting your disorder onto others and that’s not fair. It took me years to start letting go of it but trust me: you CAN! A lot of it has to do with understanding why these sounds are there and what theh represent/mean. Cognitive behavioural therapy can change your life: change the thought, change the feeling.

      • kelly


  11. I just started researching misophonia after a friend of mine suffers from the same annoying noises as myself. After a Google search I found the disorder “misophonia. While reading this post I was LMAO. I suffer from all of them and all this time, I just thought other people were raised with poor manners.
    Tapping or petting me drives me nuts, I tell my friends when you hug me please don’t pat me like a dog.
    Chewing gum everyone in my family knows they must spit it out b4 entering my home.
    Slurping and dog licking OMG
    My grandmother wears dentures and when she eats in the morning I play the radio as loud as possible
    Here is one: People eating cereal and banging their spoon against the bowl… Really, why? I will scream saying: STOP, you will break the bowl!
    Another one is sitting by the bathroom or kitchen in a public place. The breeze people making as they walk away kills me.
    I often wonder if I have bionic earring or just easily aggravated.
    Thanks for posting I guess I am somewhat normal…

  12. Tracy

    I am 35 years old and just realised today that I have misophonia. I have had this since I was a little girl and at times just thought I must be crazy. It started with the sound of my mum gulping her tea. Even as a child it would fill me with rage and I would flee to my room in a rage. I had a doll on my bed and I would pull at her hair as I felt so angry. For years it was mainly my mum doing this that affected me. Until I met my now husband 9 years ago. The first few years were fine and then I started to feel rage whenever he gulped anything. I have to wear ear plugs every meal time and spend a lot of my time in my own room on my own to ensure I don’t hear him gulp. It has got to the stage now that even if I don’t hear the noise but see his Adam’s apple move I feel really angry. We can never cuddle up on the couch together as I fear hearing him gulp. He is so supportive and has put up with a lot from me. I shout and scream and bang the couch in anger. It is really affecting Our life. I went to the doctors a few years ago so I underwent a course of Cognative Behavioural Theray and they treated me for anger management. It did not work. I feel some relief today at finding out about this and actually cried. I feel I could go on and on. It is just good to know that you are not alone.

    • Tracy- I’m so sorry to hear how it has impacted your life. I can relate- I have to really control myself at times to keep the peace in my house. Just on Sunday, my husband stood over me munching on a bowl of cereal and it was really hard not to snap at him for ‘eating so loudly’. It was hard.

      I hope you can find some solutions and work arounds that help you and your husband. It’s funny- if you read the Times article, it specifically states that the sounds made by intimates are more of a trigger than sounds made by strangers. Odd, right? But that seems to be your experience, and mine too.

      Perhaps you can revisit some doctors and tip them off to misophonia? Perhaps there are specific courses of treatment that could help- since your problem may be misophonia and not anger management?

      Good luck to you!

    • Betty

      Hi Tracy,

      Sorry to hear how misophonia has affected your life ! It took a toll on my relationship with my father.
      I can somehow tolerate other people eating loudly to some extent but his o can’t …. It’s sickens me jut hearing him chew loudly and slurp and it’s disgusting and revtibg to see the tongue wobbling inside his mouth ….. Just writing about it fills me with this dementing anger …. It’s as though I am possessed and just want to burn the house down ….

      It’s so bad that I have begun associating this horrible feeling to my fathers personality ….. I hate him and feel that he is a sick and insensitive human being because he refuses to change his habits …. I always avoid him for the fear of hearing his chewing and the sound of his fingers rubbing together …… I hate him and feel guilty about it …. It’s good to know that I am not alone….

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  14. paul

    I have misophonia too. So far from the entries i have read and on other forums it seems it affects women predominantly. However…. i am not a woman and have had this condition since i was very young. It always seems to be my nearest and dearest that trigger it for me. It can be any thing from breathing to chewing and especially swallowing. It just enrages me. I generally deal with it by discreetly biting my fist to release the tension in my body. But i just feel so bad that i feel this way about the people i love.

  15. I think I experience this intermittently. Let’s call it misophonia NOS. I mostly end up driven nuts by noises my husband makes. Though if I’m over tired or stressed, repetitive/constant sounds can push me over the edge. The sound of bass from my neighbor’s stereo in college nearly turned me into a homicidal maniac.

  16. Hayyikaz

    Hi Everyone!
    I have Misophonia too, and I’ve known this for like, a year now. I used to think something was wrong with me, as I was the only person I knew who hated gum cracking, eating noises, and so on, so I searched it, and I got Misohponia. Unfortunately, people here don’t take me seriously, because I’ve been known to be a ”Drama Queen” and that I’m young. (I’m 15).
    People have no idea what their everyday noises do to me. When I hear noises I dislike, my eye twitches and I feel like screaming and running away. Why do it? It’s annoying! I seriouisly don’t believe it’s a brain disorder, though, and get mad when people say, ”Then get earphones then.” Grr!
    I can’t stay in the same room with someone eating. I simply can’t. Even thinking about the noises aggrivate me.

    Anyway, when I’m older I want to find a cure to Misophonia; surely the only cure can’t be headphones and isolation! I’m a social person, and I can’t let Misophonia stop me from living my life. Thanks for reading 🙂

  17. Co-workers eating, slurping, sipping, swallowing, talking, etc. I get overwhelmed.
    The only thing that works is ear plugs with over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones. I can’t have music with lyrics, but classical music helps. Or I can listen to one song over and over until I tune it out. I even found a web site that streams whit noise. That was very helpful.
    I get most of my work done before my co-workers arrive or after they go home.
    Thanks for posting this valuable information.

  18. Megan

    I’m in high school and the sound of chewing or someone fidgeting drives me insane. A family member has a jaw that clicks when they eat and it enrages me so much I have to walk away.

  19. Yep, I have it too. I cannot stand the sound of animals licking themselves – it’s worse with dogs because they’re more slurpy, but doesn’t really matter whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, whatever. I CAN NOT stand it.
    I have had this since I was very young & it drives my family insane as they have a lot of pets. I find myself getting irrational & just have to get away from the noise.

  20. Holy crap I’m pretty sure I have an alternate personality and I wrote this article. And some of the comments. Wow. The first instance I became really aware of was my mom chewing. It would drive me nuts, and because of the way that our morning schedules worked out, I would be in the living room, and she would start eating something as I was getting ready. This lead to much teasing about how long I took to put on my shoes, only because I didn’t want to say “THE REASON I’M TAKING SO LONG IS THAT YOU’RE GIVING ME A FREAKING SEIZURE BY EATING LIKE YOU DO!” I’ve now also noticed it with my roommate, which makes sense, because everyone says it’s worse with people you have an emotional attachment with and we’re really close friends. And I definitely get the dog licking itself, too.

    • Hazura Jane

      Just . . . yes. Hearing my mother, who I love with every bone in my body, eating yoghurt as soon as she woke up nearly did me in on a trip I made with her in 2013.
      Also – when my 13 year old Labrador retriever licks herself, I go out of my mind.
      People eating strawberries, and their teeth crunching the itty-bitty seeds, omg.
      My son tapping his foot, or playing the drum on his leg.
      The sound of commercials on television.
      The sound of the glass plate in the microwave oven as someone puts another dish in to cook.
      My husband clipping his nails, not only do I run to the other end of the house, I also feel like I might vomit.
      Once a worker started popping his knuckles when I was writing his check and I could not wait for him to get the hell away from me. He was a nice guy, too!

  21. Tessa

    CHEWING. Chewing drives me completely insane. I cant even. It is the worst noise. I can deal with the noise of my dog chewing because he is a dog and he cant physically change what he does but when humans chew, they make me want to rip my hair out, I want to take their food off them or throw it on the ground. We have the ability to change a simple behaviour such as chewing like a farm animal. I don’t understand, can they hear it? Is it a pleasant sound to them? There is no acceptable reason for someone to chew as loudly as they do. No one who I speak to understands where I am coming from.

    • Beth Jackson

      People do have very bad manners agreed. I relate to this so much. My aggravations started when I was about 5 or 6. It is important to note that my father, grand mother(his mom) his brother and sister, and all my kids have this. My dad used to send me to my room for chewing too loudly. Now I have reached the point where I barely go to the movies because of the incessant popcorn chewing, ice banging in the cup and let’s not forget the slurping. Come on now, there is more go get some,your cup is empty. Oh I almost forgot to mention the people scraping their bowl when eating ice cream, just shoot me now. I do think it is due to bad manners…..

  22. Elizabeth

    Dog licking noises fill me with rage… it’s painful. I HAVE to leave the room or I’ll scream. It’s awful but most people don’t understand or sympathize, they accuse you of being over dramatic or just nuts. Such a relief to know there are others who relate, and that there’s a name for this condition.

  23. Haley

    Im 14 years old and I have self diagnosed myself with misophonia when im in the car with my little brother he will repeat the same noise over and over again I get to the point were after telling him to stop multiple times I plug my ears and just sit there, in school kids always tap their feet and click their pens I ask them to stop but there is always

  24. Bianca

    I cried last night when I read a ‘tidbit’ on fB that someone posted that explained Misophonia. I cried because for the first time I really found people that suffer with these noises like I do. Not people just saying ‘oh I hate this sound or that sound’ but those of us that really suffer internally when we hear a trigger sound. It’s a life long thing I’ve dealt with and to feel validated in some way is a relief xx

  25. I have this too. I have several coworkers that drive me crazy with their excessively noisy eating. And why is it that the noisiest eaters also always choose the crunchiest foods to eat? Instead of a banana, they’ll eat an apple, instead of yogurt, they’ll eat carrots. One coworker knows how much it annoys me, but seems to think her chewing is just fine. I’ll be looking at something on the computer and she’ll come up and look over my shoulder while chomping on tortilla chips or carrots practically right in my ear. It takes all my willpower to not scream at her to get away!

    Another coworker had a piece of candy in her mouth–one of the red and white striped peppermint round ones. I swear, for thirty minutes she was alternately crunching/sucking on the mint. I finally turned to her and said, “Just how big is that mint???” Ugh.

    KitKat lost me for life with their annoying commercials. And know what? In real life, KitKats are pretty quiet food. I tried to make one crunch and couldn’t.

  26. Allie

    OMG! I TOTALLY HAVE THIS!!! I can not, I repeat NOT stand the sound of gum chewing, loud crunching/chewing noises, humming, tapping, or any mouth noises; at all. Especially that clucking sound people sometimes make. It makes me want to punch them in the face, and sometimes I have to leave the room just so I don’t murder whomever is making the sound… I tear up and bite the inside of my mouth, but I can’t focus on anything else. Soft whispering, just too quiet to hear distracts me terribly. At school in math class I cannot focous because the person in front of me is always super quietly whispering with their neighbor. Is there any cure to this? I feel I’m going to explode if there isn’t!

  27. olivia

    Hmm, im wondering….
    Im 15, and i believe i may have this…. it all started with my dogs barking, i can handle 3-5 barks, but any.more i feel like ripping their heads off. Then it lead to makes me crazy, i can’t stand when. Person sniffs, they could be sick and barely breathing, but the second or third sniff does it for me…
    and finally, my dad bought a bird for himself, and it not only made me mad that t he got it without talking with me first, but iits a cockatoo… and it doesn’t tweet, it shrieks, and it makes me feel like o am literally crazy. Its like its inside my head eating away ay me.

  28. This is me. Absolutely. It started when I was maybe 12 or 13 with my friends chewing their gum or eating. It got to the point where I could tell who was eating JUST from the way they slurped their food. I’d leave the room. They no longer chew gum around me. My dad does this humming thing when we eat, so whenever I eat with him I have background noise to drown it out. A former coworker (so happy when he quit!) would ravenously attack his salad and chew with his mouth open It sounded like he was eating rocks and glass!!!! Or he’d much on nuts The rage that would build up inside me was outrageous. He was aware of it, but “couldn’t help it”. I’d have to leave for lunch pretty much the moment he got his salad out of the fridge. If he started eating at all I’d have to put my headphones on and wait until he was finished eating before I’d leave for lunch. Just watching him eat I could hear the sounds in my head. And if I did hear them they’d echo in my head for the next hour or two. You just can’t unhear. Eating in restaurants can drive me crazy if there is someone chomping across the room, or chewing gum on a bus/train/airplane. Even my 4 year old munches food into his mouth a certain way (crunch crunch crunch as he feeds it into his mouth instead of biting and chewing. I feel bad for yelling at him sometimes, but I truly can’t take it. I think it’s getting worse the older I get.

  29. Hazura Jane

    It started for me at around age 10, when I’d sleep over at a friend’s house. If the friend ate their cereal in the morning, allowing milk to drip back in the bowl, or chewed too loudly, or, THE WORST, drank the milk leftover in the bowl, slurping it down, I’d never sleep over there again.

    In the movie, “Mrs. Doubtfire” there is a scene where Sally Fields upon realizing her housekeeper is, in fact, her ex-husband in drag, starts to repeat the phrase, “I have to go.” That’s exactly how I feel when I’m around people chewing, etc. “I have to go. I have to go. I have to go,” parrot-like phrase in my brain.

  30. Nancy Barrett

    Yes! This is me 100%! I’m self-diagnosed as well, and I’m glad to see it’s a real “thing”. Thought I was a little nuts! Sounds of chewing food, gum, slurping liquids, tapping feet, fingers, or just someone soundlessly jiggling their legs…water dripping, crinkling food wrappers, crushing paper or plastic bags. You get the picture. Interestingly, I’ve also had severe tinnitus for a very long time, and there seems to be a link between the conditions. I’ve adapted ways of coping for the tinnitus (masking techniques like music or TV) that help with the misophonia. Like the writer above, my hearing is fine, but my husband thinks I have hearing loss.

  31. Candace

    I HAVE THIS!!!OMG!My family drives me absolute nuts.They all seem to BOWL SCRAPE..I ask them if they live in a deprived country and have NOT ate anything for weeks..I hear their jaws clicking when they chew..JAW CLICKING!!!!!OMG…any kind of gulping..semi gulping..picking..tapping..slurping..smacking..LIP SMACKING…gum chomping..bubble popping..I love my dog and cat dearly…but kitty likes to clean himself a lot..quit playing with your hair kitty…And when they slurp their water..I have to leave the room..They don’t understand.I feel humans can though,and get angry at people.I feel humans can quiet down..Earplugs..HAVE to sleep in lose every night…Can this also be tied in to anxiety?

  32. Max

    I have suffered from misophonia for years, got treatment, and got over it (the only thing that sets me off is birds crowing or cawing).
    However reading everyone’s comments… you are all attacking this problem from the wrong angle. You need to develop a strategy for the next time you are triggered. Yes, some people do chew loudly – however, the VAST majority chew at the exact same volume you do! My brother has the same condition and whenever I ask him ( or anyone with misophonia) “Do you chew quietly on purpose so as not to bother others? Have you systematically stopped every single bad habit you have? No? Then get treatment for god sake!”
    Seriously, if you can bear it, record yourself eating and listen to it. This actually helped me realize eating is a natural part of life – without it there wouldn’t be so many beautiful things in thia world! Also, getting into the habit of making good food that I can enjoy strongly helps – you start to understand that people are truly enjoying their food – if they weren’t their salival glands wouldn’t activate etc etc.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy — available at the mental health centre nearest you. The longer you go without getting help (once you’ve realized you have a problem) the more damage you will cause and there’s nobody to blame but yourself.

    I hope you all find support as I did!

  33. Heather

    After Googling “Annoying Sounds” I came across the same Wiki article and therefore self-diagnosed myself. Returned to Google and found your blog. Mainly it is sounds from my husband and oldest son that annoy the bejeasus out of me. Tapping, strumming to the music, coughing, anything that they do sound wise more than once or twice. 😦

  34. AngryNoNoiseBoy

    I have misophonia too! I am damn sure. Absolutely hate the sounds when my close family get together to eat and drink. And I hate my brother’s heavy breathing. This is so anger-inducing!

  35. Amy

    I have this too. Just can’t stand the sound of my mother and father chewing or slurping. Or heavy breathing. It’s like I get this overwhelming rage and kind of like an inward shiver when I hear the noise. I too have trouble sleeping because of the sound of rain or cicadas or the fridge..

  36. C

    I’m reading this right now as my husband is next to me in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. I started the article while he was eating and I caught myself clenching my teeth hearing his fork scrape against his plate. My teeth are clenching again listening to the dish cleaning noises. Many arguments have started because he is being “too loud” when I go up to bed earlier than him and I can hear EVERY SINGLE NOISE he makes from walking across the wood floors to shutting the fridge. We even started sleeping in separate beds for awhile because his breathing would wake me up! I have to really try on a daily basis to keep my calm in these situations so I don’t blow up.

  37. rob

    Ive been like this my entire life I would rather wear headphones and listen to music then my family because they all eat like giddamn pigs it drives me mental. Hearing breathing and slurping drives me nuts as well. I dont see how this is a disorder or illness ? If people just had some table manners and didn’t breath like the fucking bellows this world would be a better place. Although little movements also piss me off like some people said. I just generally hate background noise I dont see that being a “disirder ” or “illness”

  38. Leah Colvin

    I have this disorder it describes me to a T. The reason I am responding to this is the mention of your hearing. I can hear but also have to really listen also I guess its like a delay,it takes a couple seconds to get what you are saying. As far as noise goes, tapping and finger drumming will make me strangle you as well as slurping, chewing, heavy breathing, repetitive noise , sucking or other peoples music after a while. The neighbor upstairs has kids and its a tile floor. I bang on the ceiling bwith the broom daily. My boyfriend thinksbim nuts cause I get sooo mad. Also he slurps on pupose to piss me off. Sigh so good to get that off my chest.

  39. Ashley M.

    I’m so glad that I have found this article! I’m only 17, but I have been dealing with these same sort of problems since I can remember. I don’t know when it exactly started, but it wasn’t as bad as it is now. At first it was just smacking or slurping of any kind, but now, there are more and more triggers, (chewing/slurping on anything [especially pens], the watery sounding way my dad chews and swallows, the way some people talk, whistling, the kissing sound people make with their lips, unwanted background noise, etc.) the most recent being my dogs licking their paws and licking their lips. Anytime I here these triggers, my chest feels tight, I clench my fists, I try to secretly plug my ears, I want to scream at people (and sometimes I do, but usually only at my family because I’m too shy to scream at other people), I can’t concentrate, and I have to calm myself down to keep from knocking someone out. After I discovered and read that NYT’s article, I told my dad and brother, and they laughed in my face and sad that misophonia is a bunch of bologna and that I’m just too testy/moody (and then they proceeded to make smacking noises, which drove me insane!). It’s even gotten so bad that now when something triggers me at home, like my dad smacking, after I tell him to stop and he does it again on purpose to annoy me, I get really built up and irrational and just start punching and kicking the air in a crazy, convulsionary manner for a few seconds. And then after one of those little episodes, I feel a little calmer. Also, I can relate to the hearing thing. Someone will be talking to me and I can hear that they’re saying something, but I can’t really process what they’re saying for some reason, so I’ll just nod my head. But then, there’s an awkward silence and I’ll realize that they must’ve asked me a question, so I have to awkwardly and embarrassingly ask them to repeat what they said because I “wasn’t completely listening,” when in reality, I was listening but just couldn’t comprehend. I’ve never understood why I am this way, and I thought that I was just unreasonable and irrational for thinking this way. I usually try to brush things off, but it’s gotten extremely hard to do lately. Anyways, I know that I wrote a lot, but for so many years I thought I was just going crazy and it just felt so good to finally find this article and get this all off my chest. I do believe that misophonia is a real condition (some cases more extreme than others), and I hope that scientists will heavily research the exact root of the cause of this disease. I would for once like to go a day without clinching up at some random noise that I hear.

  40. dave

    Hi i have just come across this name for this aggravation I have suffered with it sinice I was about 8 and now I’m 33 I find it very hard to cope with are there any ways to control it.pleases thank you dave

  41. melina e.

    I have misophonia, I did a self diagnose but im pretty sure I have it. im currently 15 years old, it started around when I was 8. it got worse as I got older..its getting worse, its created problems with my family and friends and right now I just find myself isolating myself because of the noise, im at the point where I cant stand listening to people talk because the sss in their sentences echo into my hearing, and it drives me crazy, I sometimes wish I were deaf, that’s an awful thing to say but its that bad and it sucks that im only 15 and the fact that ill never lead a normal life because of this, the fact that theres no cure. I wish there was a cure. im sure we all wish it too.

  42. Sian

    I am 100% sure that I have this:o I hate eating and chewing noises, the sound clicking jaws when people chew, the sound people make when they suck on sweets, heavy breathing, sniffing, snoring, slurping and whispering. I get really frustrated and have to clench my fists and clench my jaw to stop myself from shouting and getting really frustrated with people. I always feel really bad during family dinners because I get mad at my family and it creates a lot of tension and arguments. Sometimes I fake needing the toilet so I can take a break from listening to the sound of people chewing. When people are whistling in I get into a completel rage and have to leave or I end up shouting and screaming, even in supermarkets I have to move a few aisles down if there is someone whistling. I remember going away when I was 11 years old with my family and sleeping on the bathroom floor for the 4 nights we were away because I couldnt stand the sound of my two brothers and sister breathing and snoring. More recently when I’ve gone away and people’s snoring has annoyed me, I’ve kicked and punched the bed and even cried. To try and stop this, I have to put my ipod in really loud and stress out if I can’t.
    Also, I often can’t comprehend what people are saying even though I’m listening really intensely. I end up smiling and nodding as if I’ve heard and then there are awkward silences because I didint realise they’ve asked me a question. People always think I’m not listenging when really I just can’t process what they’ve said.
    I haven’t said anything to my family about the possibility of misphonia because I know they will tell me I’m just dramatic and over reacting-I’m know for being a bit of a drama queen.

  43. Amy

    I’m very reassured to read all your comments. I know I have this too. I’m in hospital at the moment in a ward with 5 other women and got no sleep last night, despite taking a sleeping pill, because of all the snoring. I forgot to bring my earplugs with me and tried stuffing tissues in my ears but it didn’t work. I gave up on sleep at 5am and decided to read, but even awake, the snoring (and moaning from one woman) made me so angry that I kicked the bed. So now I’m in the waiting area… My problem is largely with my mum. It started with my dad when I was about 14-15, when I couldn’t stand the sound of him eating or drinking, and after he died when I was 20 it sadly transferred itself to my mum. The poor woman has been with me in hospital all day but earlier she was eating biscuits next to my bed and I had to press my finger so hard into my ear that it hurt 😦 I hate feeling this way about my mum. And it’s starting to be the same with my daughter who’s 13… Nobody else’s eating/drinking annoys me, but everything else does: sniffing, whistling, kids screaming when they’re playing, any kind of tv/music from next door, chairs scraping on hard floors, pens clicking, feet tapping, my boss’s metal bangle on the desk when they’re typing… It makes me so furious! I had CBT after I told my doc about the Mum eating thing, and it helped with other aspects of my life (I’ve had clinical depression for years) but made no difference to the noise problem… Actually I’ve just thought, my godson and his sister both have disgusting table manners and I get very stressed around them. But their eating really is gross – mouths wide open, shovelling food in with their hands. Ugh – whereas I can recognise that my mum and daughter just eat normally. I hate being so angry with them, I know it’s my fault, not theirs, but I just get so angry!
    I think I’m going to speak to my doctor about getting help again. I’m finding it really hard not to start shouting at sleeping fellow patients. That’s not right! Good luck to everyone on here, hopefully we can get past this and live without being constantly stressed by things which other people don’t even notice. x

  44. Dena

    It’s the intense anger that just fills my brain that bothers me the most about my misophonia. I could do harm to people I love…now what’s that about? That hot coffee your slurping might end up on your head. Strangers sucking on candy, for example, probably think I’m insane when I stare rudely at them trying to make them vanish. I suppose I’m fortunate that my triggers are limited to mouth noises, but there are lots of noises that can eminate from the mouth. Chewing is the worst and then comes snoring. Anything but ordinary breathing is torture especially breathing plus swallowing. Funny thing is, animal noises don’t bother me. They’re suppose to sound like animals. Another thing that still surprises me about my misophonia, I can be thinking of something very interesting, minding my own business, and my ears will hone in on someone popping gum 20 feet away. My ears never miss a trigger. Don’t call me while your eating…It is, and I agree with the others, a huge relief to know the name of this unrelenting affliction. I would love to explain it to the world who so unknowingly drive me nuts.

  45. Ashley

    Finally I’ve found why I hate noises like this! I’m 12 and this probably started around the time I was 11. It all started off with my mum, I love her to death but she’d breath loudly or heavily and it’d annoy me so badly. I would like groan, secretly cover my ears, kick my legs, or simply storm out of the room because the sound bothered me so much. Snoring makes me want to stab my ears. Then, it got worse. The tapping of pencils, feet, fingers, and or any object would kill me. I’d get so angry and enraged. When I was in class, I’d always yell at people beside me or even across the room because they were tapping, sniffling every five seconds, breathing loudly for no reason at all, or chewing loudly. I play sports so when people breath loudly there because they’re out of breath it doesn’t bother me, but when people do it for no reason it drives me insane! Thankfully, I know that there is a name for this. Oh, and licking of dogs or cats makes me scream. When ever my dog would lick himself or the floor I would literally yell at him because it annoyed me so much.

  46. For me it’s almost all human mouth sounds — chewing gum, chips, loud stuff — movie theater drives me absolutely batty. My best solution is eating when other people eat (you know, like at lunch time, and dinner time — normal times people eat). I can’t get away from it at work. I have a colleague that constantly chews, slurps, chomps, and it’s perpetual — all day — if he’s not eating or slurping something, he’s chewing gum. These people also tend to love talking about food. Imagine that.

  47. Ok — I forgot — I can’t stand it when people take one chip/piece of food at a time from plastic bags. Just pour the damn thing onto a paper towel or in a bowl. I had this one guy open a pack of Smarties at a movie theater … untwist, take one out, eat it, then twist back up. Then when he wanted another (30 seconds later) he untwisted it again, took one out, ate it, and twisted it back up. It’s the worst reaction I’ve ever had. I turned to him and said, “Can you just do that all at once?” He looks at me wide eyed and surprised but complied. No wonder I’ve been to the movies only a handful of times since then. I bought a projector and rent $1 movies from RedBox. I figure by the time I die I’ll be ahead, and sane.

    • Dena

      Going to the movies is very rough for me, too. I have tried using the headphones for hard of hearing folks but there is a time delay that makes them annoying. I can hear people opening wrappers rows away from me! I have super hearing…. So, either I eat popcorn or I sit in the last row. Neither is a perfect solution so I, too, watch movies on Netflix. My poor husband sometimes go to the movies alone if he really wants to see something on the big screen. Actually, we went to the movies just the other night. We sat in the last row but someone sat down right next to me. She had a bag of popcorn and the entire movie and I was conscious of her putting her hand in the bag,taking out one popped corn at a time, munching on it, slurping from her soda straw and then repeating the process. OMG, I couldn’t get away from her and I wanted to “accidently”. Knock her bag to the floor…

  48. Megan

    I’m 16 now and I have self diagnosed myself with this. I’ve been like this for about 4 or 5 years now. It is the hardest thing to live with, it can be little things like people drinking/eating where I am clenching my hands into fists so hard my knuckles turn white, or I will be sitting with my dad watching a movie and he starts wiggling his foot, I get so angry and I have to exit the room. Everyone tells me “you need to calm down” “it’s nothing” but it is something, I’ve tried ignoring it so many time and it doesn’t work that way. When I hear these noises i am frustrated immediately… the worst for me is when someone eats something (whether it be an apple, peanuts or anything that gets stuck in their teeth) and they start trying to get it out with their tongue. When someone does this I just want to stand up and yell “THEY INVENTED A TOOTHBRUSH FOR A REASON” or when someone locks their finger to flip the page on a newspaper… it’s like time slows down and you can hear everything… the lips parting… the tongue brushing against their finger, the siliva running onto their finger… IT’S GROSS!

  49. Puzzled

    I too have misophonia. I realized what it was last year after dealing with this uncontrollable hatred of noises for at least 30 years. High school was the worst, with so many gum poppers. I just wanted to rip the gum out of peoples mouths! I still feel that way now and I can hear a gum pop from a mile away. My husband breathes irregularly loud and I wear ear plugs when we sleep together. He works nights, so I am usually asleep before he gets home….which most nights, is not a bad thing. My cat knows when I say his name to stop licking! And my dogs too. It is so frustrating….but gum chewers are definitely the worst for me. And bags crinkling. Why does everyone have to eat everywhere they go?? lol Eat at home! All I can say, is thank goodness for music, headphons and ear plugs. Without these, I would be in a mental instution for sure. Good luck to everyone who deals with this on a daily basis. It is frustrating and unless you have it, no one truley understands. I hope this gets out and becomes a true awareness for the public. Hopefully the gum chewers will start chewing with their mouths closed and not like cows.

    • Rachel

      Well said totally agree!

    • Honey

      I honestly wonder if some of the rise of this condition is because so many people eat EVERYWHERE now, and we can’t get away from food noises. I feel like I would become far less sensitive and disturbed if I could just eliminate all the eating-at-desks at my office, all the snacking and crunching and clinking and slurping and rustling of bags that goes on literally ALL DAY without cease.

  50. Rio

    Oh wow. I feel like a lightbulb has been turned on. I can’t remember when this started for me, but I became aware that I had a problem at a very late she for this, my early 20s. I’m pretty sure my mom has this too and my brother has aspergers so my behavior didn’t really stick out (and wasn’t triggered much at home). My dad, who lives alone thank god, is deaf, and I feel like my head is going to pop like a grape: he chews with his mouth open, makes these word moan, groan sounds when moving around and picking things up, after drinking, slurping, rocking his creaky rocking chair rhythmically, scratching his leg through jeans, mouth breathing, etc. We have had arguments where I have hurt his feelings telling him the way he smacks his food makes me insane. It literally fills me with rage. I thought I was crazy or just horrible! My dog licking and chewing herself or a bone makes me lose it: I try so hard to hold it in and breathe because I know she’s not doing anything wrong, but I always end up yelling at her to be quiet. My cats running around the house, sharpening nails, playing with plastic bags, digging in the litter box, scratching at the door…I seriously think about giving them away because I just hate them so much because of the NOISE! when they’re quiet I adore them…my toddler whining or crying makes me so crazy that we have a rule that I don’t “hear” whining and I will only respond to her talking like a big girl, and if that doesn’t work I have to step outside for a moment to calm down. My ex fiance used to snore and I wanted to smother him with a pillow. I never can sleep at night without a fan even though it bothers my allergies because I hear EVERYTHING. I also struggle to hear what people are saying constantly (but can hear people laughing outside late at night).

  51. Sergeant

    I remember the exact moment I realised something wasn’t right, I was about 6 or 7 years old and I beat my younger sister up for scraping a yoghurt pot with a spoon when I had decided it was actually finished and she should just throw it in the bin. Still to this day the sound of a spoon hitting the side of a plastic yoghurt pot is my worst trigger of all.

    I can relate to all of this and it’s getting worse with age. I’m 23 now and I have to constantly wear headphones or “remove myself from the situation”. I don’t understand why people have to slurp from a cup/mug, I don’t understand why people have to eat sandwiches like they have a puddle of water inside their mouths. I noticed this year I’ve also developed a sensitivity to movement, so any kind of fidgeting or if someone is shaking their leg up and down, in fact, any kind of repetitive movement drives me insane, even if there is no actual sound coming from it as such.

    I’m sat in the office now, and the lady sitting directly in front of me is eating cherry tomatoes. I can hear the slight intake of air the moment she puts one in her mouth, the way it pops when she bites it and every single chew/swallow/watery sound, I actually cannot cope, I want to punch her in the face. The lady next to me seems to eat about 10 apples per day, the loudest fruit I have ever had the displeasure of listening to someone eat and the man sitting next to her breathes like a warthog all day long. I feel sick, I’m so exhausted and my stomach is in knots from the stress these sounds are causing me day in and day out. All I want is silence. That’s it. People to just be quiet. I’m developing new trigger sounds every single day, I can’t sleep because the sound of people breathing and people outside my window talking (especially when they are purposely trying to speak quietly) drives me mental. I’m just so tired, I keep saying to myself ‘this cannot possibly get any worse’ and it does. I’m now at the point where if I see someone eating who is way too far away for me to actually hear, I have to turn around because I can imagine the sound and I’m back at sqaure one.

    I can’t hold a serious relationship down because the more familiar someone becomes, the more of a trigger they become. My poor ex boyfriend had to eat in a different room for the last 3 years of our relationship and generally just avoided me, even though he thought I was insane, he just went along with it for peace’s sake. I’m finding it hard to get by at work because my office is open plan and everyone I sit near is just disgustingly loud when they do anything, my dogs get shouted at for cleaning themselves because the sound of them licking makes me want to scream and this woman seems to have an endless supply of cherry tomatoes so I’m going to have to “remove myself from the situation” and leave the office half hour early before I kill someone. How do people live like this, honestly. I don’t know how much more I can take.

  52. Grawnya

    I have known about it for years but have never found any form of therapy to help lessen the impact. I tend to live a hermits life for that reason. I must have the remote in my hand when I watch TV , to immediately mute out any mouth noises. I actually think we are the ones who are normal and that society has become increasingly vulgar and rude. If I had a business no one would eat anywhere but in a lunchroom. Ever.

    • Rachel

      I agree with you about societies rudeness because of the lack of etiquette or they don’t know how to have/learn etiquette! I strongly believe There’s nothing wrong with people, us, who have misophonia/ noise sensitivity. We are the receiving end of rudeness.

  53. Rachel

    I believe I have it .I Cant stand my fiance eating with his mouth open even ice cream he chews rolling around in his mouth like a cement mixer. Its ice cream! It melts, you suck on it. Not hard to eat.his slurping spoon by spoon constantly with cup o soup. Very annoying and offensive. I can sip tea without slurping its the sip of cold air cooling off the hot tea or soup that makes it palatable. Slurping its absolutely unnecessary and down right rude to intelligent people who appreciate peace and quiet!
    Smoking loudly blowing through pursed lips like a compressor! Whats with that?? Gagging hocking wretching every single morning of my life hearing him when hes brushing his teeth! It goes for 20 mins.
    I yell out you re going to cough up a lung soon! You dont need to put a tooth brush down your throat.
    Omg, what else… snoring and nail biting sounds…
    Most is relationship stuff but I think I have always been sensitive to noises. Also my son clangs his teeth all over a spoon when he eats I really cant stand that and I have got upset from that sound into calling him a pig. Which isnt nice but spoon on teeth is offensive also.
    I am aware of how I eat in front of who ever, I just think it comes down to social etiquette in the home, also how eating is an art form that can be a non irritating event for others to experience. Consideration for other people will go a long way and others will appreciate it.
    Noises are really emotional experiences that come across offensive because they are given offensively. My 2 cents.

  54. Denise

    Well I’m 11, and I cannot cope with chewing noises! When I sit down for dinner, all I can hear isy brother chewing his food and it drives me insane!!! I don’t have enough courage to tell him how I feel about him and his chewing noises and honestly, I feel like strangling him. (hopefully of never happens) so please anybody tell me how to cope with it!! Plus I also hate when I can see people eating with their mouths open and also the sound of breathing. In school, I have 3 people who breath through their mouths and I just want to get out of school and kill whoever appears in front of me!! anybody please any advice!

  55. lynda

    I have it… my symptoms match yours to a T!! And its definitely hereditary because I have passed it on to my daughter and always remember my oldest brother complaining about the sound of chewing gum driving him crazy…do you know what causes it? We also have add ….related? Hmmm….

  56. Mydah Tayyab

    Have tried many devices to breathe easier during the nighttime. SlumberNow is the best: no peeling off of the skin on your nose, no constant need to keep buying single, external, expensive Breathe Right strips…the SlumberNow lasts and lasts. I do not use it for apnea. I just sleep better with my nasal passages being open and that is what the SlumberNow does for me. It seemed a little expensive but I have yet to use the second one of my two set package. The one I am using is going on 3 years old.

  57. Peter

    I absolutely hate people tapping their feet on the floor,tapping their fingers,chewing food in some cases/smacking lips,breathing,dripping water from a tap,noises in back ground while watching a video/movie,snoring,dog licking sounds,flies/mosquitoes buzzing sound,ticking from clocks,

  58. Leah

    What about people eating popcorn, candy wtc. at the movie theatre!!! Omg!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how annoyed I get!

    • Jeffrey Marsh

      Yes I have been annoyed or bothered by sounds my entire life my wife and children think that I am just a grumpy old man at least I know no why even if no one else understands

  59. Leanne

    Oh my god! Finding this article just made me so happy. I started googling “my son’s constant coughing makes me want to punch someone” and I got a LOT of weird results – but found this gem. I have been attributing my issues to just being a total bitch. I feel like a horrible person because I cannot stand most noises made by people – or objects – of which I blame the person that turned it on or off or touched it last. It’s insanity at it’s very best. Also – when I am caught off guard by a loud noise, I jump like – someone is going to stab me. And it’s just the broom falling over or the toy chest closing. It’s so weird. My husband gets (understandably) annoyed because I also claim to be hard of hearing? I can’t hear two noises at once. They just cancel each other out. Or if someone is mumbling, I just blankly stare until the context clues in my brain elude to what is being said. Or I just awkwardly smile and nod, somewhat detrimental to my career at times, I’m sure. If the television is on and someone makes even the slightest noise, I lose all ability to hear the program and focus only on that one sound. I guess I self diagnosed myself with (untreatable) ADD or something. As I sit here and listen to my kid cough every god damn 3 seconds I want to cry because it is so incredibly annoying. It makes me insane. Phew – I had to get that out. Ok, any treatment options? I would do just about anything to be rid of this awful problem. And hope you have found comfort as well?

    • I haven’t gotten to the point that I’ve sought treatment. I do use the coping mechanisms I mentioned above. There have been instances where I’ve had to leave the dinner table or risk losing my cool over mouth noises, but gratefully they’re few and far between. If it got to a point I couldn’t eat with my family, I’d definitely pursue treatment.

  60. ERK

    Don’t tell me to stop, because you have a problem. It’s not the public’s responsibility to make sure the individual is comfortable (sorry life isn’t that kind/understanding). People have bodily functions and make not pleasant sounds while doing various activities, so for those who can’t get over people being people. Go to Asia or Africa people are hacking up and spitting everywhere, lol it’s just that this is just such a 1st world problem. Not saying that I don’t hope you get the treatment you deserve and that one day you can ignore it and endure the fact that some people don’t have manners.

    • Jeffrey Marsh

      Well we are so very sorry that your parents did not teach you any manners because I have no problem with people who know how to eat with there mouth closed or don’t chew there gum like a cow chewing her cud if your kids run around being loud in public places that is your fault for not being a good parent and teaching them how to act in public

    • The tough part is that it’s not necessarily a lack of manners. Sometimes it is a person chewing like a cow. My carrot-loving officemate has impeccable manners, chews with his mouth closed, takes small bites. It’s my perception of the noise that is the problem. It sounds SO LOUD to me.

  61. Tylea

    Usually my family makes random noises with their mouth, and it drives me crazy. I can’t describe it, but it just bothers me, and it makes me so angry. I always want to tell them “shut up” but, they’re my family. Why would I?

    My little sister does this activity where she runs around the house, and the sound she makes and the “thumps” she creates annoys me so bad. I have to deal with it everyday, and I try to drown out the sound by talking or listening to music.

    I always sit around people who breathed heavily through their nose or chew gum (closed or open) extremely loud. Both really make me uncomfortable, and I want to move so badly. When the opportunity comes, I usually leave immediately.

    I can’t stand the sound of baby’s crying. It’s sad to see them tear up, but when they whine, I usually become extremely angry. These are babies! I feel so bad for feeling that way, but I can’t stand the whining. It just drives me insane.

    I don’t know for sure if I have misophonia, and I don’t want to falsely accuse myself of having it, if maybe I don’t have the disorder. I do show some signs mentioned above. I usually start throwing a small and many tantrum, cry, or build up anger hearing certain noises. I don’t know for sure, and self-diagnosing isn’t something I want to keep doing. If I could see a doctor about this, I would go. Although, my doctor seems illiterate of all symptoms unless it’s “famous” and “common”. I’m not sure if misophonia is considered common on a doctor’s scale, and if it is common, my doctor might not believe I have it (just like he didn’t believe I had depression or anxiety even though I told him everything that’s happened to me which 93% were the signs).

    Anyway, I didn’t think this problem was common among others. It’s nice to see I’m not alone. I don’t have very much useful coping methods.

  62. Erin

    OMG I have this too!!! It drives me insane… well maybe not insane but I am so aggravated by these sounds that I always have back ground music on.

    I have a feeling that most of what would remedy my issues if people actually used their manners. People should be taught to chew with their mouths closed, to not chew gum with their mouth open, to not slurp their drinks. If they want the liquid to enter their mouths they need to tip the cup back further not slurp it like they think the liquid is going to come right to them up the side of the cup!!!!

    I even get aggravated by people who type on their phones and have the tap sound on. I have that turned off on my phone.

    My fiancé either grinds his teeth or take his tongue at night… but not all the time Thank God.

  63. Laura

    Help! My boyfriend has this and it’s causing a real issue in our relationship. He says I make a sound when I chew/swallow that no one else makes and it drives him mad. I’ve suggested he tries cognitive behavioural therapy, has anyone had any success with this? He wants me to change the way I eat but it’s extremely difficult when I don’t hear the sound myself to know how to change it.

  64. Chad

    This describes me perfectly. I can’t stand noise, especially people tapping their feet when I’m sitting right next to them. Noises make me feel like I’m going to go insane.

  65. stacey

    OMG! This blog just answered all my questions!
    Dog licking/drinking water
    dogs panting
    the spin cycle on the washer
    aluminum cans opening
    gum popping while being chewed (I just got shivers typing that!)
    My whole life my “sperm doner” (he doesnt deserve the dad title) has always done this clicking thing with his throat while waiting to speak… I just want to slap the crap out of him and tell him to “STOP!”
    acrylic nails tapping on a counter
    kids eating.
    Dogs nails tapping on the floor while walking
    Songs that repeat the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! (Dance or Electra)
    people eating peaches or nectarines

    Just to name a few

    Glad there is a name for this! Now I kno what to talk to my doctor about! Thank u for posting this blog!

  66. There is snacking and there is smacking, which certainly is rude…along with incessant tapping. Ther is no “diagnosis” for being annoyed by rudeness. But to get upset over sounds you make yourself or at an animaljust means you need to grow up.

  67. I am pretty sure I have this. Sounds such as chairs scraping, knifes and forks scraping on plates, people shovelling sand on concrete, my mum chewing a polo mint… drive me nuts. People’s heavy breathing irritates me too but I try to get over that. Chair and plate scraping annoys me the most and I won’t eat anywhere where I’m likely to hear it. Like the blogger, I feel like I hear too much sound and can’t filter it out to hear what someone is saying. I hate going out for meals in noisy because I can’t make out what anyone is saying. Even though I have good hearing, I practically lip read now. I can’t focus on phone calls as I can’t filer out the surrounding noise. Even restaurants with music bother me some times.

  68. Laura

    Ahhh! There’s a true relief in knowing I am not alone in what makes me feel so eccentric! I desperately wish to be as casual as my boyfriend is in tuning out noises. God forbid the overhead fan’s chains click-I jump up and tie them together and lie down anticipating the next noise to attack. He thinks I’m neurotic! Am I? Growing up, sharing a room with my sister, we both battled with this issue and if one of us was breathing too heavy it would start a war! I realized during summer vacations when we’d share a room with cousins who snored, if I found my sister first irritated by the noise and more frustrated by it than me, I could sleep like a baby. A guilt would hit me though, in knowing that the satisfaction of it not bothering me as much was my consolation for snoozing! She still battles with this and upon finding this article, I wonder if you’ve found a remedy beyond ear plugs, etc. I dream of a natural sleep and waking up to birds chirping, lawn ticking with summery sounds having had a peaceful sleep!

  69. Preston

    I don’t know if I have it, annoying sounds like those annoy me A LOT, I hit my dog when she drinks loud, but I love my dog and I would never hurt her, and I only get angry for a short amount of time, do you think I have it?

    • Preston

      I don’t know if I have it, annoying sounds like those annoy me A LOT, I hit my dog when she drinks loud, but I love my dog and I would never hurt her, and I only get angry for a short amount of time, do you think I have it?I also only started getting this annoyed not too long ago

  70. Sindee

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone. My kids and boyfriend will talk to me and I say what? yet a person one desk over breathing loudly drives me nuts. A girl I work with cracks her gum and I’m about ready to drive her head into her desk. I have asked her nicely a couple of times to please stop, she laughs says she’s sorry and continues to do it. I do find that to be lack of respect for your fellow co-worker. I can’t stand when the dogs licks himself or anyone else and someone who coughs a lot and constant clearing of the throat (in other word sucking stuff down). I could go on and on but won’t. I don’t understand what started this but as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten worse especially at work……

  71. Linda

    I so have this it drives me friggin insane, everything you’ve mentioned almost bar the sound of the planes bother me the very same way, I just feel like I’m going to snap when I hear these sounds ,

  72. Leash

    These sounds described are highly annoying to ANYONE. You are not special. This is dramatic and ridiculous. No one likes the sound of chewing, tapping, etc. Your diagnosis is intolerance.

    • Dena

      Dear Leash. Sadly, if you feel “these sounds” to be “highly ” annoying, too, then you’re a victim of misophonia. It’s the adjective highly that gives you away. Most people don’t hear the sounds of others as they eat, chew, or breathe. Some people find the sounds annoying. But only those who suffer from misophonia find the sounds highly annoying, actually to point of total distraction.

    • Natasha

      I know plenty of people who aren’t phased by snoring or tapping or chewing at all, but someone somewhere thinks that a diagnosis is rational otherwise this wouldn’t be a thing

  73. Bonnie Carmichael

    Yes I was diagnosed with hypercusis by a hearing test guy at school in 2nd grade. He told my mom I could hear negative decibels and high pitches beyond the average person. I was 2 or so when I remember being tortured by sliding on the carpet and my mother chewing with her mouth open. I just want to kill them…when it’s happening. It’s a horrible curse. My husband started loud breathing just this year and I can’t watch a show or sleep in my bed with him and it’s literally killing me. He does it on purpose to put himself to sleep. You can’t tell anyone about it because it’s irrational and they won’t be able to help doing it more because people are assholes. Earplugs don’t work and the ground vibrating from a holes racing loud motors and trucks down the street do it too. If you get the sex you need it goes down. But what partner gives good consistent sex after so many years or months or whatever. I think it’s related to sexual anxiety. I also think it’s enough to make one a hermit which I wanted to do when 10 years old or suicidal which I was when 14. But you can’t get away from motors. Earplugs don’t work for me. My life is hell and I’ve even spent tons of money I can’t afford seeking hypnotherapy and counseling ypu name it nothing helps. I’m 47 and about ready to go. It’s this weird thing that I think I am meant to kill others and not myself but I love people so I kill myself instead of them. Drums and bagpipes give that clear sounded calling to war. It increased at 41 so it only gets worse. All I can tell people is be very careful how you touch and speak to your babies. I’m sure it’s something there. Most people get it when they start their horney teens 12 to 14 and it starts. the reason manners must be taught is to avoid war. If you observe how the medulla oblongotta overrides your brain when this happens it helps to stop the rage. I’m working on it. I want a cure. Remember don’t tell anyone the reason you’re walking away and just ask people please don’t chew with your mouth open. They know it’s bad manners. Or just copy their sickening behavior and get away fast.

  74. John

    OMG, this is me. And in fact reading this even enraged me. The worst thing is my mother-in-law who lives with me is from another country where they don’t care about smacking your lips and sloshing your food around and chewing with your mouth open and making sucking smacking noises to a baby to entertain her. The worst thing is I can’t say anything because I know it’s offensive, and we don’t have a common language we both speak, so I complain to my wife and she gets mad that I bring it up, and I’m going f%$#ing crazy here.

  75. Natasha

    This is absolutely me! When I hear snoring, sniffing, chewing, heavy breathing, slurping etc I try not to think about it but it becomes all I can think about and then I physically cry and get so enraged I could hit someone! I didn’t realise this was a thing – thought I was just weird haha

  76. L.J.A.

    Not even 5 minites before reading this me and my fella have just had a petty argument about him snoring, (well heavy breathing) and the sound just cuts right threw me. My flat mate continuously eats with their mouth open and it gets to the point where i feel only babies eat with their mouths open, i have to throw something at her head to shut her up because it just sounds disgusting and anyone else who continuously swallows, breaths loudly (or with a hideous whistle in the breath), eat with their mouth open, just somehow get in my head and it nearly drives me mad, i cant sit still, fingers in my ears(discreatly) and eventually having to say something then looking like a right cow. I hate the fact it gets me angry and short tempered but even when i hear the noise and think just dont pay atenshun, it gets worse. I do belive i might have miso.

  77. Honestly some of this describes me so damn much and I’m glad I found out what it’s called. My dad makes the most annoying noised humanly possible. I love him but damn it’s unbelievable! I just got back from the most excruciating car ride ever! I was with my dad and sisters and I was riding up front and we got food and my dads chewing somewhat started to bother me. Then it was the yawning and loud breathing and just other noises that sounded like his teeth clicking and I couldn’t bear it anymore!! I had to turn to the side so I could cry from complete anger. It was an hourof non stop of those noises and it was so hard to handle that I pinched myself I broke skin and started to bleed. I kicked my leg so hard against the door it caused a bruise and I continually banged my head against the window and it hurts so much right now. I could not take it and its not like I could have jumped out of the car even though it sounded so good at the moment. Stabbing my ears with a knife sounded great! I hated it!! Ugggh. I also hate my moms constant coughing and “aheming” just irritates me. But Ilove the sound of rrefrigerators and fans and stuff like that. I find it soothing. ~rant over~

  78. djeifjdir

    OMG this is me, I’ve actually started hating people because of the sounds they make I know how it sounds but I can’t help it. Is there any way to get rid of this?

    • Dena

      If there’s way I sure can’t find it. I use a soother at night to block my husbands snoring, I try to eat when others are eating, I wear ear plugs in the car when others are eating or sucking on candy, and I avoid the movies…it’s sad but you can’t die from it.

  79. Margie

    I definitely have this. Slurping, breathing, snoring, eating, chewing, clock, fridge, lights during sleep, yeah… So how do we fix it?

  80. Brett

    I definiteky find myself getting annoyed at these things, i must admit though, that i now long to hear some of those annoying sounds from my best friend. He used to bite his nails so loud in a movie theater it sounded like someone playing a wood block, he would bounce his leg so hard the entire row of chairs in the theater would shake, and when he was intentky focused on watching what was going on his breathing would sound as if he was half trying to clear his throat. Used to drive me insane, and he knew it. He passed in 2011 and there are no words to describe the level at which i miss all of the things about him. Weird how life works that way.

  81. Judy

    WOW…. This is me. It’s as though I wrote this article because this is exactly how I am and how I feel. Even the part about being Hard of Hearing. I don’t understand how I can be both of those two things that seem like they are complete opposites (being VERY sensitive to noises and being Hard Of Hearing) at the SAME TIME. And I’m a musician, or at least I used to be, for over a decade. I LOVE music, but those noises you described just fill me with so much RAGE, and I get this huge rush of Adrenaline when I hear them, I start sweating because I’m so upset, and I have to work really, really hard to not turn around and SLAP the mug out of my coworker’s hand to make him stop slurping so badly. And he’s only drinking Hot Water!! Not even coffee! Ughhhhh…..
    I feel like an awful person for feeling this way sometimes.

  82. Lu.... c

    I swear I have this but mostly only when I’m trying to sleep. I also get teased for being hard of hearing and when I got a hearing test it came back as my hearing being above average!

  83. Julie

    This is the most helpless disorder with not enough research behind it. Simply, because you can’t physically show a doctor what’s wrong, it’s believed to be all mental. I’ve had this for a majority of my life and I remember instances back in high school where I wouldn’t be able to finish tests because I was so distracted by minor noises. Now, nearly 10 years later it’s worse than ever and I can’t sleep at night, I feel my bedroom amplifies any outdoor noise. I use headphones, white noise machines, etc but I still hear the small noises over the big noises. It’s insane. It’s also hard because my husband doesn’t suffer from this, so he says, “just don’t pay attention to the noise” as if it’s that easy.

  84. Daffy

    Not a problem! Other people just need to learn their manners and not act like barn animals.

  85. Mitzi

    Gulping, crunching, smacking, clicking pens & highlighters, tapping fingers and/or feet, constant sniffing (I’m like “go get a tissue and blow your nose!), clearing one’s throat constantly, chomping ice, digging in a chip bag (the crackling of the plastic bag) or a popcorn bag, popping/cracking knuckles, licking the spoon/bowl when I make pudding or cookie dough…unfortunately, this list goes on…

  86. Steph.

    My daughter is 10 years old and I believe she suffers from this. Just last night she told us she wanted to punch her little sister in the face. Her little sister was just dozing off and asked if she was covering her mouth.
    She’s young enough where I think we can knock her sensitivity down so if there are any suggestions, please let me know.

  87. Martine Lewis

    If you haven’t in the meantime, you should go consult an audiologist who may be able to help you with this condition – particularly if you suspect, as you say, you are also hard of hearing (the two conditions are related). Continuing to protect your ears from sounds that other people find non-bothersome is actually one of the worst things you can do – it can make the condition gradually more debilitating.

    (just my two-bobs’-worth. I am a qualified but non-practising audiologist so I don’t stand to lose or gain anything from commenting)

  88. David Morris

    I as yourself. Feel some comfort. In knowing, that I am not alone. I feared I was going insane. At the age of 43. My symptoms seem to have become more increasingly intense and frequent. Desperate for answers. After walking out on a group were everyone was eating leftover candh from Halloween. Every little sucking, crunching, and slurping was like a pounding bass drum from a amplified subwoofer. Off a 1000 wats. Please write me. Help me find sanity!

  89. ann

    My top 5 that I cant stand- Whispering, swallowing sounds, licking, pee sounds and scratching. Some girl had the nerve to take the buggest gulp of water at lunch yesterday like omg can you just not

    i also cant stand mouth sounds or chewing sounds but i can tolerate them better than I can the others

  90. kelly

    I just started a new job a few months ago and my new office coworker thinks he needs to diet (which from the looks of him, he doesn’t). Well, this now consists of a sandwich bag of Special K, 3 apples, raw carrots, soup and water. Every. Day. All. Day. The CRUNCHING! It makes me so mad I want to cry! I glare at the back of his head thinking maybe that will help. I don’t know why. My anxiety starts up, my stomach gets into knots. So much rage. I usually don’t like it when people are crunching chips in a quiet room, but I have realized that fruits and vegetables are the devil. For me, it’s not so much my friends and family that bother me. And at restaraunts it’s louder and I am more distracted. But this guy…. I can’t even. I try to drown it out, but it’s like I am not focused on the noise waiting for it to happen. As I type this he is eating his 3rd apple and it’s only 2. I have to go leave now….

  91. Pamela Gagliardo

    This is me! Omg, so glad to know am not alone. People slurping
    Soup, rattling a bag of chips when they reach for more make me nuts.
    Literally cannot stand these types of noises. Want to run screaming
    From the room.

  92. Shepherd Winfield

    I also can relate to a lot of this article. I have often wondered if my sensitivity to environmental sounds is a type of auditory processing disorder. Thanks for sharing this! (I have to go now – the sound of the my brother typing on his phone and his breathing is causing me extereme fruatration).

  93. Shawn

    Tapping of keyboard keys, mice clicking, foot tapping, flossing, and repetitive rubbing of fabric. I absolutely cannot get to sleep when someone is doing something in the same room as me. The best solution I find is to blast my earbuds to drown out the noise while I’m awake and just go to sleep after my housemates so that the noises won’t slowly drive me into a rage. Sometimes I have to leave the house and take a walk because the noises are pissing me off.

    It always feels like I’m just crazy and selfish for being annoyed, since I can’t find any rational explanation why the noises irritate me. I really wish I could just ignore it. I wonder how common this problem is.

  94. Milana

    I found this article because I was looking up why my sister breathing in her sleep bothers me so much, like its something involuntary. I definetly have misophonia. Also if we have something for dinner that I know they will make noise while eating I make sure I eat in a different room. And if its soup, I come to the table late because I know they will be slurping.

  95. Chriscrosschrissie

    Sniffing: my husband dry sniffs every 41 seconds or he sort of dry blows down a nostril. He has no insight into it nor does he actually care I feel. I am sure other people must notice it. Not sure how much longer I can continue.

  96. Jessica

    When I hear someone bite and chew and apple, honestly, I feel like screaming ” GO F@?K YOURSELF!”
    The sound of a drink being poured makes me think someone is out to intentionally get to me. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    Some commercials have a digital alarm and I see red. It just happened now.
    I do have OCD, which I have had since childhood. But this is somehow related.

  97. Casey

    Oh my God, your article describes me completely, right down to the part about not being able to hear what people are saying, but have really good hearing according to hearing tests. The sound of my father chewing makes me feel total rage and when my daughter accidentally grinds her teeth when I am brushing them, I have to run out of theroom to get away from the noise! It’s like being suddenly stung by a million wasps in my brain to hear that noise! I mean it mentally hurts me. I have been known to almost lose all composure at the sound of lights buzzing while trying to work out a math problem back in high school. It has been a problem for most of my life.

  98. I find that most of the time, it’s repetitive sounds that affect me the most, especially if I cannot see or identify the source of a sound.

    Example 1: A dripping sound in the distance can drive me nuts, but if I go walk around and find out where the leak is, my mind somehow reconciles the sound to its source and it doesn’t bother me as much. On the other hand, there might be some low-pitched hum. It could be a boiler, an elevator shaft, an air handler, a car outside, etc. And that low pitched hum will cause me to lose all concentration because I can’t figure out what it is!

    Example 2: At work a filtered water machine is near me, so people walk by to refill their cup. A lot of them have the same plastic cup with a plastic lid. Many of these people slide (screw) the lids on like they’re spinning a record, and it makes a click, followed by a “slidey” sound. I hear this repeated 20+ times a day. The more I hear it the more enraged I get.

    To those who suffer likewise, I offer my personal advice: learn how to “shut off” your brain to the sounds that genuinely bother you. Find some way to calm your nerves. I often explain to myself that the other person isn’t doing anything wrong, they’re just filling their cup. Or they’re just typing, breathing, etc. Obviously there are times when someone could be excessive, but it’s best not to already be at the breaking point when that happens! 🙂

  99. denise dewey

    I can’t stand people eating with mouth open and lip smacking. No stop clicking sounds it gets on my nevers and to the point where I just wanted to slam people face into the ground. Wish it didn’t bug me but it does.

  100. Kelly

    I believe I have some form of this…I can tolerate many sounds…but chewing , heavy breathing, obnoxious burping, loud typing, loud swallowing, snoring,people who talk with saliva forming in their mouth and I believe that’s all. Also I don’t know what this is called but I have an aversion to seeing saliva lines in mouth (when someone speaks), and also the sight of food being chewed. I think I’m a clean and proper freak lol

  101. Alex Dolan

    Omg. Words cannot explain how good this makes me feel to know I’m not the only one. Every sound my family, my classmates, my friends, anyone in fact makes over and over again annoys me to the point where I wish I could just go to hell right then and there because even hell sounds betters than what I hear at that moment. The sounds my family members, in particular my sister and my mum make drive me legit INSANE! I avoid conversation with my sister 24/7 because I have become literally scared of the sound she makes with her mouth when she talks. That sound of spit and tongue slapping around in her saliva filled mouth just UUUUUUUGH! My mum drives me absolutely insane! When she coughs every 2 minutes with that cough that’s not even a cough it’s just a groan that she thinks is helping her… I know this sounds so bad but I honestly could kick her and jump out of the moving car because of that noise. The tapping of her fingers on the steering, the way she seems as though she hammers the keyboard when she types, I have become so oblivious to any and every noise around me except those tiny things. When someone moves around too much, when someone so much as opens their mouth, when someone mouths the words to a song and the only noise they make is that of their spit moving around in their mouth and smacking off their lips just sends me to hell!!! I have become so misophonic or whatever that even the sound of silence annoys the damn hell out of me. I’m 14 and misophonia is literally ruining my life! Headphones are my life and if I forget them when in small places like my car with my family I have to stick my head out the window or just sit there with my hands over my ears (which 90% of the time gets me in trouble). No one in my family understands and is willing to compromise on my behalf. I dread the sound of anything cos I might punch someone unintentionally cos of this STUPID syndrome! So there’s my rant… God that felt good :))) if anyone knows how to help/cure this I would give them my life. I need my life back cos this is ruining it and turning me into a grumpy and constantly annoyed person that I don’t want to be. Everyone says they miss the old me and all that crap and honestly I do too because misophonia is NOT fun and it ruins lives. Thanks for reading I guess 😂😂😏 🙂

    • Dena

      I feel so bad for you. It’s not enough to know there is a name for this curse. Worse, there is no cure and really no relief. The only thing to do is convince those you love that your affliction is real. Have an honest talk with them using supportive documentation that your brain is wired to react violently to noises that are commonplace. You’re not going crazy, you’re suffering.

  102. angela reading

    This is so me. The guy at work has soup everyday for lunch and scrapes his bowl for a good 5 minutes, I just want to shout at him that he will take the @$*!$*? pattern off in a minute ahhhhhhh. He also slurps, sniffs and scrapes his yoghurt pot. Is there any cure for this????

    • kelly

      I don’t believe there is a cure :/ the new guy clanks his bowl everyday, scrapes his yogurt cup and/or eats something that sounds like peanut brittle. eating at the desk should not be allowed.

  103. Teri Docherty

    Hey this is the first of me ever researching for a name for my hate of certain noises as I’m in hospital just now and the women next of me starts snoring so loud and I got brought in by ambulance so forgot my earplugs (as I too always wear them to the point of actually having sore ears) asked nurse for some? None so I go bk to room and desperately try to deal but end up taking a hissy fit I just couldn’t deal with it, wanted to sign myself out the nurses thought I was crazy. Just cried after that it’s so difficult. Also at home my partner of 15 years breathes the wrong way and I go ape then feel terrible, always hated people eating and my dog licking himself also just wished I could ignore it but also good to have a name for it and that I’m not alone

  104. I can’t help but wonder if I got it too, I did see something that said it can happen to Autistics, and I’m on the spectrum.

    When I was in the back of the bus today, there was an old man sitting in the seat next to mine who’d jiggle his leg at random times, sometimes he’d do it for just a second or two, but other times he’d keep it up for what seemed like hours, I was really tempted to order him off the bus and start walking if he was that pent up(I didn’t though), I was feeling just that annoyed. Another thing that drives me absolutely nuts is what the internet calls a alveopalatal, or postalveolar click(see here:, whenever someone does that, I just wanna punch them and say “Will you stop it already?!” I’ve even muttered under my breath

    Then there’s people who tap their pens and pencils, which made me mutter under my breath, “Stop tapping…Stop tapping!…Stop tapping!!”
    A teacher did that once right there in front of me, just to demonstrate that it’s bad manners to do it, I dunno if he knew it bothered me(he was a nice enough guy, he certainly didn’t bully students) I also hate the sound of someone screeching their knife along a plate(my younger brother once did that on purpose when he knew it was bothering me). I also get irked if someone thumps around upstairs.

    • im always whispering to myself at work for people to stop clanking their bowl. and now this girl who was gone on vacation for 2 weeks and cant miss work is sick and she is coughing and clearing her throat ALL DAY LONG. its been 3 DAYS.

  105. Jessica

    I feel exactly the same! I am so glad someone has exactly what I have. The sound of snoring, heavy breathing, eating, drinking, slurping, chewing, the sound of high heels clopping onto the bloody floor!!!!!!, WHISPERING, sniffing, coughing, DID I MENTION HEAVY BREATHING AND SNORING!!!! These noises actually annoy me to the point where I can’t focus on what I should be doing. It is so terrible I wish I was different!!! Is there a cure for this?! I also completely agree with the hearing thing. I have really bad hearing when people speak to me but I can hear the smallest noises? It’s become an obsession! I hate it

  106. Crystal

    My parents both make a loud “ahh” sound after drinking soda, just sitting down, or just at random times and that gets so annoying. I get so mad and even though I tell them “really do you have to make all that noise?-.-” they do it even more to get me angry. Oh and don’t get me started when that stupid Pepsi commercial comes on 😤

  107. Maya

    I hate a lot of noises, especially the sound of breathing, even my own. This, coupled with a slight shoulder tic, makes it extremely hard for me to sleep. And a high pitched sound or low humming that doesn’t stop occasionally occurs in my head, and only stops when I move my head. It can take hours to subside, and it has made me extremely angry, to the point of shaking my head nonstop. My grandma, who I take a lot of overnight trips yet, snores and nose-whistles when she sleeps, which makes me SO MAD AT HER.

  108. Jessi

    This is me exactly! I’ve just recently begun to research it, and here’s the first time I’ve seen mentioned that usually those you’re intimately acquainted with are much more irksome; SO true!

    Although, I also am easily annoyed by certain smells (strong odors obviously, but particularly body odors like sweat, unwashed skin, and especially bad breath), and I also seem to notice the idiosyncrasies/mannerisms of people which, depending on what they are, can easily trigger strong annoyance and immense distraction since I can’t seem to block whatever is bothering me out. Considering these other 2 things, I’m thinking perhaps a persons ability to pay great attention to detail is a key component to these “disorders.” Or perhaps more sensitive or stronger sensory perception/processing.

    Does anyone else with mesophonia also experience distress with other senses? It would be interesting to find a correlation….

    On a side note, I really, really, really hate that I get so easily annoyed by certain things, it feels completely involuntary. I have to try so hard to bite my tongue around those close to me, and I often fail and get really mad at myself that I’m causing unnecessary tension because I can’t get my shit together and keep the various “triggers” from getting to me and in turn lashing out at the offender to make it stop. Other people I’m sure just think I’m moody, rude, and selfish, and don’t understand that if I could chose to change this aspect about myself I would in a heartbeat.

  109. I have this really bad. I can’t sit next to certain people because I hear them breathing… while other may not hear it. Well to me all I hear is someone who just finished running 10 miles. I am forever on my wives case because I tell her she’s eating loudly or drinking loudly or breathing loudly… It really ticks her off but I can’t help it, it drives me up a wall. Normally I just ignore it but yeah I have great hearing always have and loud noises also drive me up the wall. At night if she snores even lightly I go sleep in the extra bedroom other wise I will never go to sleep.

    People say you can’t train cats but my dog and cats all know when I snap my fingers it means stop licking. Sorry, but I can’t stand to listen to it and I have tried to ignore it but I can’t I snap my fingers even when I see them getting ready to lick I don’t let them get a lick in lol… take it to another room please.

  110. Codyclayzone

    My brother always bounces his feet and it drives me and my other brother crazy so me and my other brother both have misophonia

  111. I was formally dx in 2012 with misophonia and hyperacussis and a few months later also dx with Apsergers. Clicking pens/popping gum or anything that ticks sends me into a frenzy. I have yelled at people! I am slowly going deaf because I wear my headphones every day most of the day because people need to stim. Used to be that god awful snot sucking sound people with sinus problems make. Then gum popping and now the clicking pens. The millennials must be a nervous generation. I am autistic and I don’t stim as much as these people. I am surrounded by pen clickers and finger snappers at my job now and I hate it. It’s all I can do to not run screaming through a door and jump out the window. I wish there was another way for people to gain some goddamned self control.

  112. Alvin Richardson

    The last section about hearing, doesn’t relate to misophonia at all, it relates to a mental disorder, called ADHD.

  113. Gabby

    That has never annoyed me so much before.But last night,my roommate went to bed early and when I was about to go to sleep she started to breath soooo loud I literally wanted to wake her up and kick her out of the room.I didn’t do that.Kinda regretting it now. But seriously it annoyed me so much,I even started crying because of all that anger inside me. I couldn’t sleep almost all night because of her breathing.I went to sleep early in the morning as she finally stopped. (it was 4am by the way)The worst experience of my life…. If a person who snores or breaths loud,just wake them up,It will make your life easier,trust me. So yeah,today I went and bought myself some earplugs,that will hopefully help.

  114. Eddy

    At least im not alone so thats sort of comforting even though i wish noone in the world had any disorders it is what it is i got it next person got it and so forth , but to the point ear plugs? If anyone would come out on national tv and say we are stoping production of all ear plugs i would spend my whole account to buy as many as i can to last me my life time or else i could not live , plain and simple . Everything you mentioned iritates me specialy my father-in-law smoker/copd the ” give me my cigarettes and leave me alone” scumbag that coughs 176 times a day and breathes like he got harmonica in his lungs i litteraly have to get up and walk out of the house while hes there and return once hes gone or else i get major anx wish that someone would find easy fix for this cause this is not healthy at all , i feel bad for myself and anyone suffering any dissorder . God bless you all .

  115. Lindsay

    I can relate so much to the dog licking… my partner has a dog whom sleeps in the bed with us… and it’s like he only starts when I come to bed.. and when I tell him to stop my partner begins to pet him which only makes it worse. The thoughts and anger I have towards the situation makes me feel like I’m crazy.

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  127. JJ TheJJ

    omg. thank you for posting this- I had no idea this was a possible condition. and for me makes so much sense.

    Whenever I am in a room full of people or large gathering, the noise surrounds me I feel like i’m in sensory overload. Too long and I sometimes get headaches, or I can get short with people I love. If it gets bad enough, I’ll even run off and hide somewhere until I calm down, or worse until the event is over.

    Or when my dad is eating breakfast, banging his stupid spoon on the bowl with each scoop, slurping each bite, like an uncouth child!!! or my wife constantly clearing her throat- drink some water already. or loud helicopters flying overhead constantly and below minimum altitude. it enrages me!!!

    My wife jokingly says I hate people. But thats not true- I have many friends whom I love. But certain audio curs set me off, keep me from sleeping or staying focused at work.

    Its why 2x a year i vacation somewhere no one is – middle of the desert; in the mountains; on a cold rocky coast. Helps me reset & resettle a bit.

    I wish I could fix this. It can really take the joy out of life sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing posting your experience @mommacomma.

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