What scientists do

I know this meme is getting old, but I just had to post this one.

Funniest thing- the mouse with the ear on its back– that was my post-doctoral advisor’s post-doctoral work.  So, in that regard, society gets it right.

I’m not sure how accurate it is otherwise.  If I were making my own, I’d do it like this…

What my mom thinks I do:  a picture of a scientist getting the Nobel Prize (I think she seriously considers this within the realm of possibility).

What my friends think I do:  The running joke when I was in grad school was that I was working on a life-like Real Doll (don’t Google it at work because it’s definitely NSFW)- since I worked on culturing mammary organoids and prostate cells.  My cousin (a business man) and I were going to go into business and call our creations the Ho-bot and the Gigilo-bot.  As a post-doc I was working on engineering liver, so the joke was I would make everyone a replacement liver for when their years of heavy drinking caught up with them and they needed a transplant.  Now I’m working on intestine and colon, which doesn’t make for as good a story.

What society things I do:  As mentioned earlier, I think this is pretty good and a large part of my work involves tissue engineering.  However, now I’m doing a lot of stuff with (mouse) embryonic stem cells, so I’d probably put a picture like this (even though I’m working with MOUSE stem cells)-


What my boss thinks I do:  I’d probably put a picture of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat since it seems to take very little time away from actual benchwork for advisers/supervisors to completely lose touch with the reality of how long it takes to do experiments.

What I think I do:  Not sure what I’d put here, but it DEFINITELY wouldn’t be quantum physics!

What I really do:  Since a picture of any of the work I mentioned in this post would make too many people puke, I’d probably put a picture of my computer- since I feel like most of my time is spent on the computer making Power Point presentations, finding/reading papers, responding to e-mails and crunching data.

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