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63 years of global climate change

I saw this video here.  It’s frightening.  It’s temperatures from over 1,000 meteorological stations around the world over the past 63 years.  Blue is cooler, yellow/orange is warmer.

63 years is less than my father’s lifetime. That is how much things have changed since he was a boy.

The other evening at dinner, we were speaking with a friend who emigrated here in her teens.  She was surprised to hear that this bitterly cold weather used to be a regular occurrence during winter.

I recall being in elementary school and attending a winter fest on a local lake.  People drove their cars, trucks, and snowmobiles out onto the ice.  There was ice fishing and bonfires.  The ice was so thick driving truck on it was perfectly safe.  It’s been decades since such an event was held.  Local bodies of water barely freeze well enough for kids to ice skate, never mind snowmobile.  We never see kids ice skating on lakes and ponds any more.  Towns have built little rinks for skating, and even those don’t readily freeze.

These are changes I can remember.  Differences I can see.  It scares me.  It’s why Mac and I purchased a smaller, more fuel efficient car over a big SUV.  It’s why I commute in a small car (and why I feel guilty I don’t car pool more often even if it’s not convenient).  It’s why I recycle.  It’s why I oppose the expansion of the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion.  It’s why I oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline.  It’s why I’m OK paying more for clean energy.  It’s why I worry for my kids.  It’s why I worry for all of us.

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Working: Do not disturb the dog, vest on= at work

I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m working.  I’m guessing you don’t either.

Now imagine you were a service dog and someone was relying on you for their safety and freedom.  How bad would it be for you do get distracted?

The Norwegian Association of the Blind put out this public service announcement to give people an idea of just how preposterous it would be if they distracted other humans the way they distract service dogs.  The ad itself is hilarious, and you will laugh out loud if you watch it.

Don’t interact with service dogs when they are working.  As the ad says vest on= at work!

I raised three puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind when I was in high school.  We worked really hard with the puppies from the time they were very young to teach them how to ignore distractions.  It’s amazing what these dogs could do.  That said, they have an important job- and they are better at it when they can focus!

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My Christmas Gift 2012

There are some really obvious perks to having a husband who is a professional video editor.  When you combine that with a professional voice over artist who is the godfather of your children, things get even better.  Add in more friends, cute kids, lots of photos and videos, and you get my Christmas gift for this year from Mac.

To see last year’s Christmas video, see here.

And to see my 30th birthday present, see here.

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My Christmas Gift

I think today, the first day of the new year, would be a good day to share with you my Christmas present.

One of the benefits of having a professional video editor as a husband is when you put, “Put videos of Mabel’s first 2 years on DVD” on your Christmas list, you wind up with something like this…

I’ve only watched it 3 times. The first Christmas morning when we were opening gifts.  The second when my family arrived. The third, last night. Each time I get teary eyed, my nose runs, and I’m filled with emotion.  I remember the last 2 years.  I imagine next Christmas with a new baby around our tree.  This video makes me pause to fathom just how blessed I am.

I’m so blessed to have Mac as a husband, as the father of my children. I’m so blessed to have Mabel as my daughter. I’m so blessed to have another little one the way and cannot wait to know the person he will become.

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