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Mini Mod #4

Mabel has a closet full of gorgeous clothes- dresses, jumpers, jeans, shirts, etc- most of which she never wears.  Why does she never wear them?  Because her dad is the one that dresses her on weekdays when I’m at work- and he tends to mostly choose the same outfits over and over again.  Sometimes I’ll pick out an outfit and lay it by the changing table, or even leave a stack of outfits to choose from.  However, most days I have all I can do to get myself dressed, so picking out clothes for Mabel isn’t on my radar.

When Mac first started staying home with Mabel, her outfits left much to be desired and I’d usually laugh at them when I got home.  I tried to use positive reinforcement, making sure to comment on how much I loved an outfit if it was particularly cute or well put together.  It seems to have worked!  Most days Mabel is in a cute outfit- although still usually the same few over and over.  I’m not sure why my husband never puts Mabel in a dress.

On Wednesday Mac and Mabel met me for dinner near work because I had a 7pm meeting to get to.  We went for pizza and then walked next door to Rita’s for them to share a shake.  This is what Mabel was wearing:

I think it was a super cute outfit!  A Garanimals shirt, a hand-me-down skort, her ruffled socks, and Mary Janes.  Well done Mac!


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Mini Mod #3

I love this little dress!  The brand is Albetta Baby.  I picked it up for $5 at a sample sale last summer and Mabel grew into it this summer.  She has a matching hat, but because of a disproportionate noggin, it’s too small already!  Her hair bow is from Sugar-n-Spice Boutique on Etsy.

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Mini Mod #2

This is a serendipitous outfit.  The dress was a gift from Mabel’s godmother (the brand- which I’ve not heard of is Rare, Too!), the hair bow was a gift from her aunt, and the shoes (with a bow that perfectly matches the dress) were $4 at Dollar General.

I think she looked smashing!

I just sorted her closet and drawers on Sunday and it’s killing me to think that I’ll have to pack away so many sundresses!  They haven’t gotten enough wear!


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Mini Mod #1

Reversible dress from Right Bank Babies

This is my favorite dress of Mabel’s.  She’s been wearing it for a year (!)- being small for her age means a lot of 6 to 12 month stuff still fits at 19 months.

It’s from Right Bank Babies, and I got it for a steal from a HauteLook sale.  It’s actually reversible, one side has a bold print with bright colors as you see in the photos, and the other has a more muted pattern and color scheme.  I think I like it so much because it’s not pink and frilly!

She’s worn it in warm weather with bloomers and in cooler weather with a long-sleeve onsie and leggings underneath, so we’ve been able to get a lot of use out of it.

(PS- my dress is from Old Navy, and the cardigan is from Lane Bryant!)


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