Mini Mod #4

Mabel has a closet full of gorgeous clothes- dresses, jumpers, jeans, shirts, etc- most of which she never wears.  Why does she never wear them?  Because her dad is the one that dresses her on weekdays when I’m at work- and he tends to mostly choose the same outfits over and over again.  Sometimes I’ll pick out an outfit and lay it by the changing table, or even leave a stack of outfits to choose from.  However, most days I have all I can do to get myself dressed, so picking out clothes for Mabel isn’t on my radar.

When Mac first started staying home with Mabel, her outfits left much to be desired and I’d usually laugh at them when I got home.  I tried to use positive reinforcement, making sure to comment on how much I loved an outfit if it was particularly cute or well put together.  It seems to have worked!  Most days Mabel is in a cute outfit- although still usually the same few over and over.  I’m not sure why my husband never puts Mabel in a dress.

On Wednesday Mac and Mabel met me for dinner near work because I had a 7pm meeting to get to.  We went for pizza and then walked next door to Rita’s for them to share a shake.  This is what Mabel was wearing:

I think it was a super cute outfit!  A Garanimals shirt, a hand-me-down skort, her ruffled socks, and Mary Janes.  Well done Mac!


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5 responses to “Mini Mod #4

  1. Daddy did good! She is so cute! Love her hair.

  2. Rose

    What a gorgeous head of hair! Those red shoes, so sweet!

  3. I had to laugh at this post. My husband dresses Zoey in the mornings and most times, she doesn’t match. He refuses to put anything pink on her and if doesn’t see the coordinating top and bottom within 5 seconds of looking in the drawer, he just puts whatever together…I can’t say anything though, it’s a huge help so until she’s older and can voice her own protests, she’s stuck going to daycare in purple overalls and a green shirt…oh well….

  4. That IS an adorable outfit! Good job daddy! hahaha. Oh man my husband is scared to dress our daughter cause he knows he has to get everything down to the bow. He does a pretty good job most of the time when he attempts but usually he leaves it up to me.

    Love this cute post, she looks adorable!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to mini mod and sorry it took me so long to visit this week! Hope you’ll link up again! 🙂

  5. Well, they aren’t all winners. I got home yesterday and found her wearing her rash guard/swim top as a Tshirt. Apparently the bathing suit fabric didn’t tip my husband off that it wasn’t a regular shirt!

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