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Happy 4th of July!

May we all remember the ideals on which our nation was founded and strive to make them a reality.

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How fireworks work

On Friday we went to see some fireworks.  It was not fun.

The location was in a valley, meaning we were trapped with very loud booms (and echoes).  We were also, unknowingly, right under them.  So, ash was raining down and a big hunk of charred firework paper wrapping landed right on Mabel’s head.

From the time of the first test to the grand finally, Mabel had her ears covered and head tucked down, cowering on Mac’s lap asking when it would be over.  Nemo clung to me with my shirt balled up in his fists, eyes shut tight, tensing every time I moved.

So, they didn’t really enjoy it.

First Fireworks!

Mabel at her First Fireworks! (over the Hudson, set off miles from our vantage point, and hence not very loud).

On the ride home, Mabel kept asking why they were so loud and I tried explaining they were an explosion and being so near to them made it really loud.  We suggested ear muffs, but she refused saying, “I don’t like to feel it in my heart.”  Which I take to mean the concussion of the explosion also bothers her.

She has since asked us repeatedly to take her to ‘quiet fireworks.’  Unfortunately, this year, we won’t be home for the actual 4th and won’t be able to watch from the vantage point we did the last 2 years- where we were miles away from where the fireworks were set off.  Our only other chance to see any fireworks will be in the Catskills, where we’re in an even smaller valley and the fireworks are just as loud and just as close.

If only she were old enough to read this article- Science of Summer:  How Do Fireworks Work?

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3 firsts for the 4th

This past Fourth of July was Mabel’s second, but it was the first time she was really able to participate.

As is the tradition in my family, 4th of July weekend was spent in the Catskills at our cabin.  We had a camp fire, and that meant s’mores.  We didn’t really feel like dealing with the sticky mess that would ensue from giving Mabel a s’more, but we did let her have her first marshmallow!

First Marshmallow!

Every year, a town nearby has it’s annual Fireman’s Carnival.  Last year Mabel was too tiny for any of the rides- and that was almost the case this year.  The carnival didn’t have a very logical, decipherable, consistent policy regarding kids on the rides.  The operator of the Ferris Wheel wouldn’t let us on as a family.  However, the Convoy operator did let Mabel and I ride together!

First carnival ride! (Convoy!)

She REALLY liked this one.  So much so she rode it a second time, with her dad, and cried when she got off.  We also rode the carousel once.  Definitely looking forward to next year when she’ll (hopefully) be big enough to ride all the kiddie rides.

While the Fireman’s Carnival also had fireworks, they didn’t start until very late Saturday night and we opted to stay at the cabin for a campfire instead.  However, on Monday, we made it home in time to go to our city’s fireworks.  Last year Mabel was tiny and sleeping- so no fireworks.  However, this year we could push back bedtime and give it a try.  We were a little worried that they would be really loud and frightening.  However, I think I’d spent too many years only going to fireworks displays in the Catskills where they’re set off in a valley, reverberate considerably, and echo for miles.  Our city’s are set off over the Hudson River and we watched from a river-front park a few miles away.  In that setting, they weren’t loud at all!

First Fireworks!

Mabel LOVED them.  She heard everyone around us oohing and ahhing and joined right in.  It was precious- and not just to me, the group one blanket over said the same thing.

This holiday weekend was the kind of thing momma-dreams are made of.  You remember back to the magic of your own childhood and hope to replicate it for your child and/or experience it with your child.  I feel like this weekend was a taste of that.  As Mabel grows up and can participate and appreciate more, I’m praying that she’ll have that magic.  This weekend will certainly go down as one of my sweetest memories.


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