iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

Out to dinner at Torches on the Hudson (sans child) after a successful attempt at shopping for a new car.

The reason we had to go shopping for a new car.

Flowers from the Historic Lewes Farmers Market- that subsequently hatched tiny caterpillars who we kept finding all over our kitchen even after we tossed the flowers.

Checking her messages.

Reading to the dog.

Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Belleayre Music Festival!

Not breaking my sunglasses at the doctor's office.

The littlest kid at Spellbinders Storytime, moments before making the little girl in the blue shirt her best friend and sitting on her lap.

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3 responses to “iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday

  1. Love the reading to the dog picture. What a wonderful moment.

  2. Cute girl!! And I love those flowers!

    Thanks so much for linking up with iPhone Photo Friday! Do you think that next time you could put my button into your actual post? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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