My kind of Hymn

Something appropriate for a Sunday…

A few weeks ago, dear friends honored Mac and I by choosing us to be their son’s godparents.  While at the service, a congregation of the United Church of Christ, the hymn, Praise to the Living God was sung.  As a scientist, I was particularly enjoyed the second verse.

Praise to the Living God

Praise to the living God, the God of Love and light,
Whose word brought forth the myriad suns and set the worlds in flight;
Whose infinite design, which we but dimly see,
Pervades all nature, making all a cosmic unity.

Praise to the living God, from whom all things derive,
Whose Spirit formed upon this sphere the first faint seeds of life;
Who caused them to evolve, unwitting toward God’s goal,
Till humankind stood on the earth, as living, thinking souls.

Praise to the living God, who knows our joy and pain,
Who shares with us our common life, the sacred and profane.
God toils where ‘er we toil, in home and mart and mill;
And deep within the human heart God leads us forward still.

Praise to the living God, around, within, above,
Beyond the grasp of human mind, but whom we know as Love.
In these tumultuous days, so full of hope and strife,
May we bear witness to the way, O source and goal of life.

Sung TO Diademata (eg Crown him with many crowns).

You can hear it here.


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2 responses to “My kind of Hymn

  1. Stefanie

    Assuming this was us, I must have missed this hymn. It was hard to hear from the infant room, but I like the text and will have to listen for it in the future. BTW, we’re United Church of Christ, not Unitarian. Not a biggie, just a different kind of Protestant. 😉

    • It was you guys. Thanks for catching my mistake. I knew full well it was UCC- since that’s how I searched to find the words and the recording, just brain froze when I was writing this up!

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