Anniversary Tradition- the first 3 years…

A few weeks ago I wrote about my third wedding anniversary here.  Well, we have a little anniversary tradition that we’ve been repeating for the past three years since Mac and I were married.

This is the wedding photo that hangs on the wall in our living room-


We were married in the Catskills and this photo was taken in the field on my family’s property there.  The Catskills, that cabin, that place is very special to us.  It’s my favorite place in the world.  I spent my summers there as a kid- I wrote a little about what it means to me in this post.  It’s where Mac met my parents for the first time, where we were married, where we told my parents we were expecting Mabel, and where we continue to make memories.  It was a fitting place to be married.

Since our wedding, we’ve made a point of going back each year to the same spot in the field where we posed on our wedding day and taking another portrait.

This is us, in the same spot, on our first wedding anniversary, I’m 6 months pregnant with Mabel:


Here we are on our second anniversary, Mable is 8 months old:



This year, we kept the tradition going for our third anniversary, Mabel is now 21 months:



Mabel’s first year, we were really good about having her picture taken regularly.  I took my own photos of her every month (you can see them here) as well as taking her for formal portraits at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  However, once she passed that 12 month mark, we got lazy.

We probably have pictures of her every month in her second year as well, but having a family portrait taken will be something really nice to look back on.  We had a formal portrait done at a portrait studio last year for our Christmas card, and we’d like to do it again this year.

However, there’s something really special about seeing the progression over the years as our family grows.  I know I will enjoy looking back at these and seeing what Mac and I share, the family we build.

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