I can’t watch the Winter Olympics

I’ve tried twice to watch the Sochi Olympics.  Each time I was stressing out, tensing up, gasping, etc.  It’s too stressful to watch.

Why are the Winter Games like death on frozen water?  It’s like every other news report is either the medal count or the injury count.

Source: Mashable

Just think about it- the Summer Games are mostly held in locations that could double as a relaxing vacation destinations (Athens, Rio, Sydney, Barcelona).  There are sports events you’d play at a family picnic like soccer, volley ball, or swimming (synchronized swimming if you have a very graceful family).

Winter Games are held in cold mountainous places where you might go for a ski vacation, but not exactly to relax and chill. There are sports like biathalon (ski until you are exhausted, then shoot stuff), or downhill skiing (hurtle at *literal* break neck speed down a mountain three times the height of the Empire State Building), or luge and bobsled (hurtle down an icy chute on a little sled).

The only icy luge you’ll find at the Summer Olympics is for alcoholic beverages. Also, how many summer sports have a high likelihood of killing or maiming you?  I don’t remember the last time I heard about a water polo injury that sent a competitor to the hospital on a stretcher, and water polo is vicious! (While I guess a swimmer could get a cramp, they’re in the water with a bunch of Olympic swimmers to rescue them).  So far in Sochi, there’s been the snowboarder on cruches during the Opening Ceremony, the skier who broke her FEMUR on a practice run, the snowboarder who cracked her helmet, the competitor that narrowly escaped grievous harm on the luge, I could go on.

It’s like the warmer climes have people choosing fun sports with a low likelihood of death, while winter makes people in cold climes do crazy, injurious, torturous sports.

I just can’t watch with Winter Games.  I’m always worried about the Olympians falling and getting hurt.  I also find it very stressful watching them right before they start their competition- I empathize and imagine their anticipation and anxiety.  It’s just not enjoyable.

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