An Open Letter to the Makers of Pedialyte and Jello from Parents Everywhere

Dear Makers of Pedialyte and Jello,

Who thought it was a good idea for things we feed sick kids to be brightly colored?

Orange, purple, red, green, why?!

Why not beige, white, cream, taupe?

It’s all well and good that it’s brightly colored on the way INTO the sick kid.

It’s all horrible and bad when it’s brightly colored and on the crib bumpers, carpet, stuffed animals, and wall.

There was so much puking going on in this house last week that we were choosing meals based on the color they would stain when they made a return appearance.  Hence, Jello and Pedialyte were not options!

Make me clear products that don’t stain and I’ll be your customer for life (or at least until my kids are old enough to clean up their own puke).  I might even buy stock in your company.  However, given the stomach bug going around my kid’s school, I’m buying stock in OxyClean and Febreeze.


Mom in a household of four, three of which were stricken with gastroenteritis in the past week

PS- To the imbecile who designed the crib bumpers that came with the crib bedding set: What is heaven’s name made you think it was a good idea to have 1 MILLION ties to affix them to the crib?!  When they are covered in Domino’s pizza puke, it’s 1am, and you’re trying not to wake the sibling sleeping nearby while your husband bathes the toddler, a person can come *this close* to ripping them right off the freakin’ crib rails!


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5 responses to “An Open Letter to the Makers of Pedialyte and Jello from Parents Everywhere

  1. Nicky

    I know Pedialyte has one clear “flavor,” our Walgreens carries it. But yes, crib bumpers are frustrating, stupid, and wrong. I’m sorry you were all sick, I hope the puking is over by now!

  2. Stefanie Summerer

    We used to buy the clear pedialyte as well. Although now my kids prefer the freezer pops, so we’re back to colors. You could make your own jello as well from gelatin packets. I’ve never made jello with them, but have used them to firm up German desserts. Here’s a recipe that just uses fruit juice, gelatin and honey. Doesn’t really seem harder than the box mix.

    • Clearly I’ve been living under a rock, or in reality, relying on my mom who helps by picking up only rainbow colored items. Perhaps I should be writing to her and not Pedialyte!

  3. In a blind taste test, Em preferred Gerber’s clear “pedialyte” called “Replenish” to Pedialyte Clear. They carry it at the CVS across the street from me and it comes in a 2-pack so you don’t have to use it all at once (which kinda makes it cheaper.. though I think it was cheaper to begin with and I had a coupon). Apple juice Jello isn’t too hard to make using the clear gelatin packets; I used to make it when I was a teenager. Em’s never puked from a stomach bug, but she did puke up red velvet cake once last year. She was kinda unsure what had just happened, so she pointed to the floor and yelled, “Look! I made catsup!” There is still a stain on the carpet.

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