Her first library card

A few weeks ago I took the kids to the library for a few hours on a Saturday.  When we walked in there was a mother there requesting a library card for her daughter.

My first thought was, “Where is her daughter?  Why not have her get it herself?”

My second thought was, “Why hasn’t Mabel gotten a library card yet?”

So, after they’d played on the computer and picked out books, we went to the circulation desk and Mabel asked the librarian if she could sign up for a library card.

And she did!

She was thrilled!


Every girl needs a library card!

Nemo was beside himself with job that he was actually being permitted to use a computer.  Oddly, as only 15 months old, he knew just what to do.

little man 091413


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2 responses to “Her first library card

  1. amray5874

    He’s so cute on the computer. My kids, 3 and 4, try to use the mouse as a remote and the monitor as a touchscreen.

  2. That is too cute! I remember getting my library card and how much I adored the library as a kid (and I still do!) I hope they love it as much as I did. It is such an amazing place!

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