LEGO Minifig Scientist!!!

I came home Friday after work to this!  The LEGO Series 11 Female Scientist Minifig!

It only took Mac four tries to get one (which is still significantly cheaper than paying $15 on Amazon for one?!).  Mabel is partial to the robot we got (probably because it’s a girl and it’s pink).  Nemo is partial to eating the small pieces.

Now, we’re on the hunt for more, and more some lighter brown/blonde hair to put on this one so it looks more like me, because that’s important.


I wish it was easier to purchase just the minifig you want, because I would love to get these from some of my coworkers.

I also really, REALLY want to get a welder for my dad, who is a welder.  I don’t think he would particularly care to possess one, but it seems like he should have one nonetheless.



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3 responses to “LEGO Minifig Scientist!!!

  1. Nicky

    There IS a way to get the specific Lego people you want. Depending on the popularity of Legos in your town, and the density of people, it may still be difficult to find your favorite. Read this blog post, and bring a flashlight to the store with you. Each brand-new box of minifigs comes with the same set of characters, so they’re easiest to search. If you find a bunch languishing on the shelf for a long time, they might all be the same, unpopular minifig. Happy Scientist Hunting!

  2. Going by feels, I wound up with the welder, the barbarian, and the waitress…at which point I just ordered her off eBay for about $10. I did have an entertaining morning at the Rockefeller Center Lego Store, though, with various eight year old boys trying to explain to me how to tell minifigs apart.

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