Nemo’s First Birthday Party

A few weeks ago we celebrated Nemo’s first birthday.

We had a get together at our house- lots of kids, lots of friends, lots of food, lots of family.

It was a lot of fun- although the weather didn’t cooperate.  About halfway through the party, it started to rain- which meant I had over a dozen kids eating watermelon and cake with blue icing.  Poor planning on my part.

Nemo slept for the first hour and a half until we woke him up.  He seemed to have fun.  Mabel definitely had fun running around with all her friends and cousins.

GJL partyI didn’t really have a ‘theme’- but after ordering the cake, I kinds of went with an airplane/sky/clouds kind of theme.

The cake was blue with white clouds and white writing to look a little like skywriting.  I then got these little airplane candle holders and put one on the cake to look like it was doing the writing.  It would have been way cooler if I hadn’t put the holder on in advance and closed the lid of the cake box- smashing it down through the icing.

Since the cake had the skywriting and airplane, I also picked up this box of 72 gliders.  In case you didn’t know, that’s A LOT of gliders.  They were simple to put together, so lots of the kids put them together and flew them around.  They made great favors.  That said, we have like 50 left- so here’s hoping next year’s theme is airplanes again!

I also ordered these cloud balloons.  I went to the local dollar store and got the plain blue and white balloons and they filled the cloud ones to (for the same price, scammers!).  And yes, I did feel guilty about it.

As a gift/decoration, I got Nemo an airplane (this one).  Combined with an airplane planter that had been a gift when he was born, we completed the ‘theme.’

I also reused the name portion of the bunting I made for Nemo’s Christening, and made a “Happy Birthday” bunting to go with it.

It was still fun.  Of course I can only think about the things that didn’t go well (weather, cake, etc.), but overall it was wonderful to have our friends and family together.  It was reminiscent of the family parties I remember from being a kid- where my cousins and I just ran around like maniacs until it was time to go home.  Ah, childhood.

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