Happy 34th

Yesterday I turned 34 years old.  Overall it was a good day.

The morning started with Mabel giving me the birthday card she and Mac had made for me.

Work was hectic, but I was able to spend time coordinating some STEM outreach.

Traffic was bad getting home, but once I finally did, this was waiting for me on the front porch!

My rusty old Jessica Fletcher bike and my brand new bike trailer!

My rusty old Jessica Fletcher bike and my brand new bike trailer!

Technically it’s a shared birthday present with Nemo, since a friend had given us money to put towards it for Nemo’s birthday.

I’m also getting a bike rack for the car, to be installed soon by my dad.  I’m looking forward to family excursions!

Mabel enjoyed trying it out.



Then, just before we went out for dinner at the diner around the corner, Nemo took his first steps!  What a gift!

Later, the kids went to bed easily.  Mac and I laughed out loud watching some Jim Gaffigan standup.

I went to bed content and exhausted.

That said, there were two women who were on my mind a lot yesterday.

One was my mom.  It really struck me this year, that my birthday marks the day she become a mom.  I think having two of my own now, puts that in a new perspective.  While I don’t really think about Mabel’s birthday as the day that I became a mom, I’m thinking of my own birthday as the day my mom became a mom.  I wished her, “Happy Gave Birth Day!”  This weekend she’s taking the kids overnight (Nemo’s first night away since we’ve started to wean), so Mac (whose birthday was 6/1) and I can celebrate both our birthdays with a night out and a morning sleeping in.  We’re lucky to have my mom so close, and so generous with her time.

The other woman who was on my mind is my Aunt Millie.  I wrote a little about her here when I discussed why I was raising funds for the Revlon/EIF Run/Walk for Women.  It was 6 years ago on my birthday that I answered the phone thinking my mom was calling to wish me happy birthday, when in fact,she was calling to tell me that my Aunt Millie had passed away in the night.  It was completely unexpected.  She had finished her treatment for breast cancer.  She’d gotten the all clear from her doctors.  We thought she was home free when a complication from her treatment took her from us. Not a birthday has passed that she has not been on my mind- along with my cousins, her daughters, who lost their mom.  I’m so grateful to the friends who helped me celebrate my birthday, and my Aunt Mille’s life, by donating.  It was the best gift I could get!


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