Being fat gives you a leg up in grad school.

A friend shared this on Facebook recently:

Dr. Geoffrey Miller, a evolutionary social psychologist at the University of New Mexico, voiced a bit of concern over fatty would-be PhD students:

I followed the link to the Journal of Are You F*cking Kidding Me and laughed my fat @ss off.

However, then it got me thinking.

I too was fat when I did my PhD (see image below). Evolutionarily, it may have helped me survive the arduous nature of my doctoral program- giving me extra energy stores when there was food scarcity in the department.


Me, with the doctorate that now hangs in my laundry room.

As we all know, graduate students rely heavily on free food for survival, since their stipend is a joke. It is of note that both the supply and the quality of free food dropped markedly in my MolBio department when a local biopharma company stopped giving money to our free food/fancy party department slush fund, yet I still managed to survive… because I was fat!

I had been able to sock away countless calories from Grad Student Colloquium pizza, daily ‘cookie time’ cookies, Christmas parties, defense celebrations, grad student recruiting events (which always had good food because I was chair of the Grad Student Committee and did the ordering myself), etc.  So, when the quality dropped (think subbing Hyrdox for Oreo) or sources dried up altogether…

Oh, who the f*ck are we kidding. Being fat has nothing to do with anything. F*ck that guy.



ETA:  The University of New Mexico has issued a statement about Miller’s Tweet. You can read it here.  Apparently he’s told them it was done as part of his ‘research’- which I’m guessing means he’s now racking his brain trying to figure out how to make that pretty obvious attempt to cover his @ss seem plausible by coming up with a new research idea.  Oh to be sitting on that granting agency’s funding committee.  What a d!ck.

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One response to “Being fat gives you a leg up in grad school.

  1. Screw this guy! I’ve been fat to one degree or another my entire adult life, and it didn’t stop me from finishing law school or accomplishing any number of other things academically. I see no correlation whatsoever between having the willpower to tackle academic challenges and having the “willpower to stop eating carbs” (which, in any event, is no guarantee of healthy and permanent weight loss).

    What a tool!

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