Transition to New Parenthood/Evidence Based Parenting Discussion Storified

Earlier this week I posted my contribution to this month’s Evidence-Based Parenting Blog Carnival about the transition to motherhood.


Today, several of the contributors, all evidence-based parents (many scientists, science communicators, and researchers- all parents), got together on Twitter for a live discussion of some of the issues brought up in the Carnival.  We used the hashtag #parentscience and discussed issues ranging from sleep to swaddling to pain management and bonding.

If you missed the live discussion, don’t worry.  My fellow Carnival of Evidence-Based Parenting (CEBP) contributor, Matt Shipman Storified it!

You can catch up on what you missed here.  And you can contribute to the ongoing discussion on the CEBP Facebook page here (recent topics include the debatable happiness of new parents and the difficulties facing doctors and parents when caring for interest infants).

If you are ready to trade the parenting hype for the some legit, evidence-based parenting, read up!

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