You might be a #scimom if… ROY G. BIV

You might be a #scimom if you notice when rainbow colored toys (or clothes) don’t conform to ROY G. BIV.

For whatever anal-retentive reason, it irks me when colors are arranged so as to be a ‘rainbow’ yet they are not in the order in which they appear in an actual rainbow.

For example- who designed this?

Roy G. Biv does not approve.

Roy G. Biv approved. Red then orange then yellow then green then blue.

They obviously knew what they were doing and adhered to the spectrum?

But what about this dress?  Would it be so hard to have switched the green and light blue ruffles to it would go in wavelength order?


This tunic has the colored ruffles in the wrong order.

Seriously children’s fashion designers and toy makers!  Get with the spectrum.

So, am I alone?  Do you see a rainbow and think ROY G. BIV?


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