Easter Basket: It’s more than just candy!

Easter is upon us, and with it comes the dilemma- just how much sweets am I gonna put in that Easter basket?

Well, I didn’t want to have no candy at all, but I also didn’t want to overload Mabel with candy, not to mention Nemo who is too little for candy.

So I brainstormed to come up with non-candy options for the Easter baskets and egg hunt.

A basket for Mabel, my nephew, and Nemo.

A basket for Mabel, my nephew, and Nemo.

So, what did I include?

There are bunny face masks (Mabel got pink, my nephew white, and Nemo blue).

Each kid is also getting a tambourine (a freebie I got from a friend who works for Parents Magazine).

Each basket has a clementine.

Mabel and my nephew are also each getting a toothbrush (to get those jelly beans!).

Additionally, Mabel is getting a My Little Pony drinking cup, a bunny finger puppet, and some hair accessories.

The eggs in Mabel’s and my nephew’s basket include some jelly beans and a peep.  Nemo’s eggs contain Cheerios and Kix cereal.

I also filled a bunch of eggs for the egg hunt with a single jelly bean (the point is to find the eggs, so there doesn’t have to be a lot in each one), some individually wrapped prunes (we call them “prune treats” here), and then there are some peeps and chocolate marshmallow eggs in fancy plastic eggs for the grownups.

There will definitely be plenty of candy on Easter, but I hope it will be secondary to the other gifts!


Some other ideas that might work-

coins (for older kids)

pens/pencils/erasers in Easter themes

Play Doh

muffins or cookies

little gifties from the dollar store (games, toys, etc)

The possibilities are endless.

What are you putting in your little ones’ Easter baskets.


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8 responses to “Easter Basket: It’s more than just candy!

  1. Stefanie Summerer

    Over the past 5 years, we’ve done little people, books, a DVD, a little wind-up bunny and Auntie Annie’s individual sized bunny crackers / fruit snacks. The bunnies go nicely with the theme. This year though, I got lazy and just did books and candy.

  2. I saw someone who’d gotten those water-pearl things (you know, the ones so popular for ‘sensory play’ that are actually a hydroponic medium). I got Bug some for his birthday. (Jewish, so no basket.)

  3. I also put in little mini bubbles just now. (Found them in a cabinet)

  4. I’d like to report back that my water bead things arrived (I still want to know *what* polymer they’re made of!) and not only does Bug love them, but they look exactly like blastocysts while they’re hydrating. Totally $3 worth of entertainment.

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