Babies: documenting their first year

I’ve written before, here,  about the monthly onsies that I used to document Mabel’s first year and the rapid changes she made.

Even though she just turned 3 YEARS old last month, I STILL haven’t gotten the pictures into the frame I registered for before she was born.  Now that Nemo is almost 9 months old, I’m figuring I might as well wait until he’s a year and I have all his photos, then I can do both at the same time!

I’m so glad that I took the time and expended the effort to take the pictures of Mabel.  I look back at the arrayed photos and just smile at how she was and how she’s changed.

Mabel's first year.

Mabel’s first year.

I don’t want to be accused of neglecting my second child, so I have kept up the effort with Nemo.

Nemo's first year (so far!)

Nemo’s first year (so far!)

When I was putting these two collages together, it was amazing how similar they look at the various ages.  What’s really funny is that Mabel was super cranky and uncooperative for her 7 month photo, so the best shot I got was her fussing.  Guess who did the same thing for his 7 month photos?  Nemo.  I considered putting in the picture of him crying, but since I did manage to catch him smiling, I used that one instead.

I’m so glad the picture frame with the slots for all the photos was still available (I have two of these Pearhead Time Frames) so that I can have both kids’ pictures matching.  Soon we plan to have Nemo and Mabel share a room, and I think it will be sweet to have both frames hanging in their room.

In addition to taking these photos every month, I took (am taking) both kids for pictures at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months at either JC Penney or Sears Portrait Studio.  After 12 months, I’ve just been going each year for a birthday portrait.  I ALWAYS use coupons, and am usually good about not spending more than $20 (which is totally feasible with the coupons!  See JCP coupons here, and Sears coupons here).

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up the birthday portraits, since once the kids start school, we will get a picture each year, plus we go as a family for a Christmas portrait each year.  In the meantime, I cherish these!


This post was inspired by Kelly’s Korner: Show Us Your Life link-up.

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  1. Mabel @8 months looks EXACTLY like Nemo @3 months!!

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