Spinach and Fontina Strata

Thought I would share this great recipe, again from Martha Stewart.  It combines several things I really like:  Spinach, fontina cheese, and Challah bread.

strata mcphd

Spinach and Fontina Strata

Since I didn’t change much for the original, here’s the like to the recipe:  Spinach and Fontine Strata.

Mine came out a little different from Martha’s- I cut the bread into cubes instead of slices. and I didn’t have Parmesan cheese on hand.  It still came out nicely (the parm probably would have made it even better).  However, if I make it again, I’ll leave out the nutmeg.  I’m not a fan of it in non-dessert recipes.

Mabel was resistant to trying it (as she is with pretty much everything), but Nemo chowed down on this and Mac and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I made it the night before, and then put the last of the eggs on top and baked it after work one evening.  So even though it’s traditionally a breakfast dish, we had it for dinner.   It worked out well, since I could do all the prep in advance.  We had it that night, and it last for several more meals (breakfasts, lunches, or dinners).

Definitely a recipe that I’ll add to my collection.  A great vegetarian option for a brunch!

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