You might be a #scimom if… making popcorn becomes a science experiment

There was a  STEAM EXPLOSION in my kitchen!  Basically, it was popping corn the old fashioned way- off the cob, in the microwave.

020513 popcorn mcphd

Mabel got a real kick out of eating the popped corn right off the cob. However, we set these aside for her to bring in to school for show and tell.

And, of course, being so science minded, we talked about how/why popcorn pops and watched some slow motion videos of popcorn popping.

I mean, it may sound mundane, but it’s an actual STEAM EXPLOSION that popping!

I was REALLY tempted to try and pop the corn in the microwave without the bag, so she could actually watch it, but I didn’t want to clean up the mess, and I wasn’t sure if it would pop without a bag to keep in the moisture.

Science is so fun.  Mabel brought the corn cobs in for show and tell today.

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