“Working from home”

Friday, Monday, and Tuesday I ‘worked from home.’  Here is a picture of how I accomplished some work (Play-Doh was involved):

020113 work mcphd

Work from home is in quotes because I really didn’t get terribly much work done.  Thankfully it’s more like a combination of flextime, paid time off, and actual working at home.  I put in a couple of hours each day (including Thursday night, Saturday, and Sunday) and I’ll make up more time by staying later the rest of this week.  Whatever hours I couldn’t do/make up, I will take as paid time off.

Why was I ‘working from home?’  Because Mac had an on-site free-lance gig in Jersey and my boss okayed the arrangement.

I enjoyed it immensely.

 While I appreciate that there might be some novelty and a little ‘grass is always greener’ going on here, it just re-enforced my position that being a stay at home mom is like being on vacation.

Doesn’t this look like fun?

020113 WAHM mcphd

I took Mabel to school.  Ran errands with Nemo.  Snuggled.  Played doctor (see toe injection and bandage above) and hide n’ seek (photos coming soon as Mabel chose the most adorable hiding place).

Confused a groundhog for an Ewok (before Mac solved that problem, see below).


Image on the left is before: Looks like an Ewok, right? It’s supposed to be a groundhog for Groundhog Day that Mabel made at school. Image on the right is after: What Mac did when he saw the first picture on FB.

It was awesome and I’m torn.  I wish I could stay home every day, but I know that if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much.

So, now we’re back to our normal routine.  Mac is home, I’m at work.  A part of each of us wishes it was the other way around.


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