(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Snowy Day

I’ve been enjoying our almost-daily sprinkling of snow.  It’s enough to dust the ground and the car, but doesn’t impede travel or require clearing.  I don’t remember weather like this in many years- with nearly constant snow on the ground.

Mabel has been enjoying it too (see below).

020513 snow mcphdWe were rushing to get in the car to go to school, but I really just could not help but stop and admire her making tracks in the snow.  It was definitely one of those scenes in the movie of your life when you imagine the camera capturing the poignant scene.

I stopped rushing her, and just watched her, nay, admired her.  She is a joyful child.  Pity I’m going to screw her up.*

*As my Nana always said- with every talk show sob story or criminal with a troubled childhood- “It’s always the mother’s fault.” See here for my hopes and aspirations as a mom distilled into a few sentenced.


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2 responses to “(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Snowy Day

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