Library Love Affair

I love my library.  Every place I have ever lived, I have gotten a library card.

This morning I’m at the library with my kids for Mother Good Story Time (for the under 2 set) and Toddler Story Time (for the preschool set). [Note:  I’m working from home- because Mac has an onsite freelance gig- and loving it!]

In college- even though I had access to one of the biggest and best libraries in the WORLD (not exaggerating, it includes a Guttenburg Bible), I still got a library card from the local library.  Actually, I was so excited the summer I lived off-campus, and had a bill that would entitle me to join!

I actually still have a library card from my childhood library- where my parents still live.  I have all my old library cards- from places I lived as an undergrad, grad student, and post-doc.  Getting a library card for the new address is always on the top my to do list when I move to a new place.


My library posted this on Facebook.  I “like” my local library on Facebook.  Source

Who needs Netflix?  I’ve already put a hold on Wreck It Ralph, which isn’t even available yet.  I also don’t buy books- I get them from the library- for free (if you don’t count my tax dollars).

Another awesome thing- where I live gives me access to TWO libraries!  My neighborhood is one of those odd ones that has an address in one town, but actually sends kids to to a different school district in another town.  So, my local city taxes support the library in my town and entitle me to library card there, but my school tax dollars go to support the library in neighboring town and entitle me to a card there too!

Truth be told, I only have a card for the library in the neighboring town, because it’s a lot easier to get to from my house and has free parking- unlike the one in our little city that has limited street parking so you wind up having to park in a parking garage.

However, I really like that I can go to either and take out books if I choose.

Do you have a library card?

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