(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Snow Angel

1 pre-schooler + 1 baby + the flu – sleep = no blogging

That pretty much sums up the past week and a half.

Despite everyone in our house getting our flu shots, Mabel got the flu and gave it to Nemo.  On the plus side, she didn’t get sick until after her 3rd birthday party and Mac and I have been spared.  On the down side, her school celebration (snow flake cookies for the whole class) had to be delayed since she missed almost an entire week of school, and two sick kids meant very little sleep for Mac and I.  Nemo finally seemed to be able to sleep last night (waking only once for his pacifier around 3am).

Overnight we got snow.  This morning, while my family slept, I went out and shoveled and cleared with the help of a very kind neighbor.

I came into work late, but really wish I had a snow day!  This is what Mac sent me:

snow angel 011613


Wish I could spend the day with my little snow angel.

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