Irish Soda Bread French Toast

A few weeks ago, I randomly tried a new ‘recipe’.  I’m finally getting around to posting it now- and perhaps post-Holidays, others will have breads they could use for this.

We had lots of leftover Irish Soda Bread that my mom had made for Nemo’s Christening.  It was a Saturday morning and I wanted to make breakfast.  I offered Mac French Toast, but when I went to the fridge, I saw the soda bread.  I thought, “Why not?”

Irish Soda Bread French Toast

Irish Soda Bread French Toast

I basically did exactly as you would for french toast- egg, milk (I used half and half), and cinnamon.  Because the soda bread was more dense than regular sliced bread, I had to leave it in to soak for a while.

Then, I sprinkled it with some brown sugar (so it would caramelize and get a little crisp), and cooked it on the griddle.

I had to cook it a little longer than usual because of the thickness.  Overall it came our well.  It was yummy and even Mabel tried some.

If I make it again, , I will wait to sprinkle the brown sugar to prevent it from burning during the longer cooking time.  Also, I’ll soak the bread even longer- perhaps overnight, to allow the bread to really absorb the eggs/milk.

Have you used any ‘different’ breads for French Toast?

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