I wish I was less of a scientist…

I wish I was less of a scientist when a friend posts or tweets something and comments on “Mother Nature,” because all I can think of is, “It’s not Mother Nature, it’s science.  That flower/fruit/animal was genetically engineered, by breeding, to be like that.”

For example, wild strawberries are teeny tiny compared to the Godzilla-sized ones you can buy at the store.  Why?  Because they’ve been bred.

“Clockwise from top: local garden strawberry from u-pick operation, variety unknown; true wild strawberry, from up the road; Mignonette, from the garden; Pineapple, a “white” alpine (supposedly less attractive to birds) that has gone wild in the side yard; and one of the u-pick strawberries standing in for the size of a Tristar” (Source: www.leslieland.com)

Think about it- varieties of seedless fruits wouldn’t survive in the wild!  Seedless grapes, watermelons, oranges- they are all the result of genetic engineering.

Also, a lot of hybrid crazy plants- lilies and roses, are just extreme phenotypes selected and bred.

Now, I know this makes me sound like a party popper, but I’m not.  I am still in awe of Godzilla strawberries, insanely fragrant and colorful flowers, and I love seedless grapes (I mean, who wants seeds in there?), I just know that in addition to Mother Nature, I have human ingenuity to thank for them.

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