Curiosity for its own sake and consumption of science

A few weeks ago Emily J. Willingham posed a few questions that inspired me to write a post about science, consumption of science, science portrayed by the media, and curiosity for its own sake.  You can see that post here.

Emily enjoyed it enough to cross-post it on one my favorite sites- Double X Science.

If you’ll remember, Emily posed those initial questions for a post she was working on- and that post is up on her new blog at Forbes.

I was both relieved (that I’m not alone in my thinking) and sad (that there is a problem with how science is presented to the public) that other people agree with me.

If you want to read it, and see how your opinions and mine compare to other people who responded to Emily’s query, you can find it here and participate in the discussion:  5 Changes Consumers Want To See In Science News.

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