Halloween 2012

When I was little I always wanted the pre-packaged plastic costume that consisted of an ad for whatever TV character on the front of a jumpsuit with a death-trap of a plastic mask of that character’s face, like these (love Jem!).  I never got that.  My mom wasn’t ‘crafty’ and she wasn’t spending money on a Halloween costume.  We cobbled together convincing costumes from what we had at home.

For instance, I was a gypsy (long skirt, scarf on my head, lots of mom’s costume jewelry), a hobo (dirty face, dad’s worn and tattered work pants, flannel shirt, and DIY bindle), punk rocker (pretty much my regular clothes when I was in elementary school and loved Cyndi Lauper- well, I still love her, I just don’t dress like her anymore), bag lady (random assortment of ratty clothes), etc.

So far, I have purchased costumes for Mabel.  Her first Halloween, she was a bumble bee- a costume that my sister picked up at Old Navy.  Last year, Mabel was a monkey, a costume I picked up second-hand at Once Upon a Child.

This year, I had two costumes to arrange- Mabel and Nemo.

While shopping, again at Once Upon a Child, with my sister, she came across a pair of ‘Ruby Slippers’ in the shoe bin.  They were about Mabel’s size.  That put us onto the idea of her being Dorothy.  We searched the racks and managed to find a blue and white gingham dress, and matching hair bows.  That sealed it, Mabel would be Dorothy.

We then turned to the racks overflowing with costumes and managed to find a lion costume in Nemo’s size.  He would be the Cowardly Lion.

At home, I was able to cobble together a scarecrow for myself (glued some orange bits of a pom pom to the cuffs of one of Mac’s old shirts and threw on a sunhat) and a tin man for Mac (borrowed a funnel from work and covered it in aluminum foil, made a heart, he wore gray).

Thus, we were the characters from the Wizard of Oz!

Mabel had never heard of The Wizard of Oz, and she’s still too young for the movie (those flying monkeys are scary at any age), so we just played her some You Tube clips of the various songs.  She was into it- especially the ‘tap tap shoes’ as the called them.

She loves singing and dancing, and because she liked the costume and music so much, I actually put this The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Edition or her Christmas list.  I chose it because it has an option to just watch 10 of the musical numbers in a karaoke/sing-a-long style.  So, until she’s old enough for the actual movie, she can just watch the musical numbers.

I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween in ages (since grad school) and it was fun- especially since Mabel was finally old enough to really grasp what was going on.

Despite Sandy, we did manage to go trick-or-treating on Halloween around our neighborhood.  We went with friends/neighbors whose daughter is Mabel’s age.  The girls really enjoyed it.  After our walk around the block, we went to their house for dinner.  The girls played and helped hand out candy, while the parents ate, chatted, and laughed.  In the end, I think the parents had more fun than the kids!

Since we would be out most of the evening on Halloween, and I worried that with the storm, not many houses would be accepting trick-or-treaters, I put out a bowl of candy on our front porch.  Having once been a kid, I figured that the first few kids who happened by would take all the candy.  I put a sign, “Take only one- I’m watching you!” to deter the greedy, but didn’t expect it to work.

So, imagine our surprise when we got home at 9pm and found this on our front porch:

Who says kids have no morals nowadays?  Seriously!  That Kit Kat survived 4 hours unattended on our front porch!

PS- I know this may seem a little late, but given the hurricane and snow storm that have happened in the past couple of weeks, blogging wasn’t really a top priority!

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