Pumpkin Picking, October 2012

The day before Sandy hit, we went pumpkin picking.  It was Sunday, the 28th of October, and the pumpkin patch was pretty picked over.  The weather was blustery, damp, and chilly.  The staff were busy taking down all the tents and otherwise preparing for the storm.  It was less than ideal.

However, it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.  We met dear friends for breakfast and then headed to the pumpkin patch- Castle Hill Farm in Newtown, CT.

Highlights included Mabel finding a pumpkin, riding a pony, feeding some cows and goats, a hayride, and riding in a wheel barrow.  In past years we had done the corn maze, but given the weather, the cost and the littlest kids, we opted to skip it this year.

The place definitely felt shut down.  We’d been 2 years before and had a lot of fun.  I think being so late in the season, there were very few people there.  To compound that, was the fact that most people spent that Sunday doing storm preparations.

While the actual pumpkin picking wasn’t ideal, it was still a nice day.  Getting to see our friends it great, even under sub-optimal circumstances!


PS- For those who are also mourning the loss of Picnik, I’ve found a viable alternative:  pixlr.com.  It’s my new preferred, web-based, collage-making program.  I typically use the Pixlr Express it’s basically half-way between their Pixlr-o-matic (which is similar to Instragram in it’s abilities and feel) and Pixlr Editor (which is similar to Adobe Photoshop).


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  1. Pumpkin picking can start even as early as September, so it’s always best to go early if you want to have your choice of great pumpkins. By the end of the month there might not be that many left that are good for carving.

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