I wish I was less of a scientist when…

I wish I was less of a scientist when somebody posts some holistic medicine/homeopathic remedy/naturopathic treatment/herbal mumbo jumbo on Facebook.

Recently cracked me up on Facebook. Source: IFLS

I have friends who are very into the holistic lifestyle- or whatever you want to call it.  They routinely post stuff that is just totally not true, scientifically false.

For instance- a friend published a link to some woo-woo site talking about how inflammation is a good thing and NSAIDs are bad because they block the body’s inflammatory response.

I really wanted to write a (scientifically) snarky response along the lines of, “Why don’t you ask someone with rheumatoid arthritis about how great inflammation is?!”

Is physiologically appropriate inflammation a good thing?  Yes, it’s crucial for your immune system to function.

Is chronic inflammation a good thing?  No, it causes things like arthritis, bowel disease, kidney problems, etc.

Also, it has been said, but apparently bares repeating:  Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you!

You know what’s natural?  Arsenic.  It sure as hell isn’t good for you.

You know what else is natural?  Radon, fecal coliform, infection, migraines, cancer.  Just because they are natural, doesn’t mean you want them!

I’m never quite sure how to respond to these kinds of posts.  Most times I just keep my mouth shut/scroll down.  Other times I feel the need to educate.  Does it ever get through?  Nope.

Thus, I wish I was less of a scientist when a friend posts holistic mumbo jumbo on Facebook.


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2 responses to “I wish I was less of a scientist when…

  1. I’ve seen that yearly listing before, it also cracks me up. I was just commenting to a co-worker recently that the things that were called “progress” fifty years ago are now called, “unnatural.” I generally scroll and ignore, except for a few friends who just explore lots of ideas rather than already agreeing with them. Most people who post holistic stuff don’t consider, say, the CDC or WHO to be reliable sources, so that leaves me without many options to argue.

  2. Don’t forget atropine. All natural.

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