Before, During, After (Sandy)

Well, we made it through unscathed.  We lost only some perishables from the fridge, out of an abundance of food safety caution.  Our power went out for 24hrs, the bulk of which were night-time, so we just went to bed early.  Mabel hasn’t been to preschool all week- and may not even be back on Monday depending on power issues.

Many of our friends and family were much more seriously impacted.  My folks are still without power.  My sister is facing hours-long commutes from Northern Manhattan.  My coworkers from NJ are spending hours waiting for gas.  Friends lost summer homes on the Jersey shore and Breezy Point.

As for work, we lost several weeks of experiments because we were unable to get into the lab to tend to them.  However, in this regard we are again lucky.  Our building never lost power.  Our animals and our lab stocks are intact.  My heart breaks for the researchers at NYU who may not have lost their lives, but have lost their livelihoods.  I’m sure there are students and post-docs who have been set back years by the loss of their mouse colonies, cell lines, and lab stocks.

Other than being unable to watch TV, having to eat her left over ravioli cold, and really wanting to blow out all our candles, I think Mabel was largely unaware of what was happening.  Just like with Hurricane Irene last year, her only ill effect was cabin fever.

We spent Sunday pumpkin picking, picking up a generator from my parents, and putting away lawn furniture.  Monday morning we still had little wind and no rain, so Mabel and I took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood- knowing that both needed to burn off some steam.

Our pre-Sandy jaunt.


Once the weather did hit, we actually got a lot done.  Erik did the floors downstairs and I spent hours upstairs and in the attic sorting through Mabel and Nemo’s clothes and all kinds of hand-me-downs- a job I had been putting off for weeks.  After that I baked an Apple-Sour Cream Crumb Pie (recipe to come).

Just as my pie was finishing in the oven and were about to sit down to dinner, we lost power.  We ate by candlelight and went to bed.  Thankfully we have city water, so that wasn’t an issue.  Also, thankfully out water heater held it’s heat for long enough that we never ran out of hot water.

By morning, we were hooking up the generator to plug in the fridge, eat breakfast, and charge our phones.

We laid low- entertained by play-dough and crayons.  I did some sewing.  By around 2pm the power was back on and we parked Mabel in front of the TV while Nemo napped and we got things back to normal (cleaned out the fridge, plugged everything back in, reached out to family and friends, etc.).

Overall, we didn’t see much rain (way less than with Irene), and while there were lots of trees down around us, our neighborhood was pretty normal.

I wish the same could be said for the rest of the tristate area.

To help those who need it:


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4 responses to “Before, During, After (Sandy)

  1. Jenny F. Scientist, PhD

    Someone from Rockefeller told Dr. S (my spouse) that their server room flooded along with the deep-sequencing machines. And another acquaintance begged their staff to take the fly strains home for a few days and culture them in the kitchen. I hope that people with duplicates will help out those who lost their strains.

  2. I am so glad your family and your research are not badly affected. As a mouse researcher, my heart almost stopped when I read about the NYU disaster. (Of course I am relieved they got the patients out, though!)

    My parents are in Central Jersey, where they didn’t sustain bad damage, but are bearing the brunt of the power outages/curfews/general infrastructure craziness. Thank goodness they are inland.

    • When I read about the NYU mouse colonies I audibly gasped. I cannot imagine being a researcher in that position.

      Glad your folks are ‘only’ dealing with the power outages. So many areas of Jersey are just obliterated.

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