I wish I was less of a scientist…

… when I’m getting a facial.

The moment they turn on that steam machine and point it at my face, I take a deep breath and think, “I hope they did a good job sterilizing this. I’d really hate to get Legionnaires Disease from this.  I can see the headlines now:  Tragedy strikes area mom- woman killed trying to remove blackheads!”

The funny thing is, a few months ago I went with my mom and sister for a facial. My mom is a nurse. After the facials, I said, “All I could think about when she put that steam on my face was…” and my mom finished my sentence with, “I hope it’s clean and I don’t get Legionnaires?”

So I think she also wishes, at times, she was less of a nurse.


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2 responses to “I wish I was less of a scientist…

  1. That would, in fact, be really embarrassing. “I have pneumonia? Oh, man… it must have been my FACIAL!”

    • Right? I actually went and got a facial on Saturday morning (thank you Groupon and my husband). Unfortunately it wasn’t relaxing at all because the aesthetician wouldn’t stop talking. She asked me what I did, when I told her she asked me if I thought doctors were ignoring alternative treatments for cancer and told the story of her best friend being cured of Stage IV melanoma at some Mexican clinic by apricot seed extract, a raw diet, and meditation. Seriously chick- I’m trying to relax, I don’t to talk to you about cancer and woo-woo.

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