My little fashion plate…

Mabel is in her second full week of preschool.  For the first day and the week after, I took a picture of her before we got in the car to go to school.

That first week her teacher said, “Well, we’ve got a little fashion plate!”  To which I laughed and nodded.  However, I’m the one that at most picks out and at least guides her choosing her outfits for school.

Here’s Mabel’s First Week of School Fashion Plate Montage:

Friday morning, Mabel actually said, “It’s time to take my picture!”  So, I obliged.

Here’s what we got:

The car was already running, and Taylor Swift’s “Never, Never, Never, Getting Back Together” was playing.  Mabel, being who she is, was overcome with the urge to dance- which resulted in this:

After I stopped filming and went to pick her up I said, “You threw a show!”  So, when we got to school, the first thing she said to the teacher was, “I threw a shoe!”

I’m sure the teacher thinks we are a family of weirdos.

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