Baby-led weaning, Take 2!

I’ve written previously about baby-led weaning, what the science says, how it worked for us, what things we found helpful, etc.

Well, Nemo is 4 months old and DEFINITELY interested in food.  He’d been hanging out in his bouncy seat, on the floor, next to the table while we ate.  However, as he got older and more aware, he was protesting more and more at being excluded.  So, we pulled out Mabel’s old ‘high chair’ and put him in it at the table so he would be distracted by toys and let us eat in (relative) peace.  (Note:  We really like the ‘high chair’ which is in quotes because it’s not a stand alone.  It’s one that straps to a chair.  It’s the Fisher Price Space Saver. We like it because it takes up a lot less space and can recline a bit.  With the straps, tray, and shape of the seat, it works really well even for a baby that cannot sit up on his/her own yet. It also converts to a booster, so Mabel used it for a really long time.)

Once he was up and could see what was happening, he definitely wanted in on the action.  It started out with just a lick of a banana and now he’s slobbering apple sauce.

So far he has tried banana, pear, bread, and apple sauce.  He’s basically just licking it off our finger, sucking on it, or slobbering it all over himself, but that is to be expected.  If he manages to ingest a teaspoon work of something, it’s a lot.

It is quite hilarious to see the facial expressions that the different tastes and textured elicit.  Here’s an example:

Apple sauce! The “spoon” he’s holding is this one. (ETA: Just realized that spoon is ‘currently unavailable’ but this one looks similar.)

Right now, he’s basically still nursing/getting pumped milk, but he does seem to be enjoying the tastes.


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