One year later.

It’s amazing that a year has passed.

Last year, on this Friday before Labor Day Weekend, this baby boy was a twinkle in my eye.

Last year it was just after Hurricane Irene swept through our area.  We were preparing to head up to the Catskills, our little car loaded with supplies and donations for our neighbors.  We had no idea how bad it would be and if the National Guard would even let us in to drop off what we had gathered.

I rushed home from work early.  We wanted to head out early enough that we could travel down the valley in daylight.  We knew parts of the road were barely passable and we didn’t want to navigate the landslides and washouts in the dark.

Mac and I had been trying for a baby for few months.  I knew that it was still pretty early to test for that month, but I would be away at the cabin and unable to test all weekend.  The suspense would be unbearable, so I decided to just chance it and take a pregnancy test before we left.

Mac was downstairs loading the car.  Mabel was running around like a mad woman.  I took the test and waited.

My eyes started tearing up the moment I saw that second purple line appear, faintly, on the test.

I called downstairs for Mac.  He suspected something was up from the tone of my voice.

I had grabbed a T-shirt, this one, and held it up for him saying, “I think we might need this.”

However, in my emotional haste, it was inside out and backwards.  Mac figured it out regardless.

I was crying, he was happy, Mabel was clueless.

We decided we wouldn’t tell anyone just yet.  We’d give it a few days before we shared the good news.  For the next little while it would be our happy secret.

Looking back, it was good timing.  It was hard for me to see my Catskills so devastated by Irene.  Having that joyful secret helped me remember that life goes on, things change, it will get better, we’ll keep going.

It did, they did, it certainly did, and we did.

This weekend we’re headed up again to the Catskills.  The recovery has been amazing, and there is still a ways to go.

Looking at my valley, and my son, one year later, it’s amazing.


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