Bumble Bee Tuna

I first heard this song performed by Mephiskapheles while I was in high school.  It stuck with me, I sang it to Mabel, and now it’s one of her favorites.

Here’s Mabel’s version of the Bumble Bee Tuna Song- accompanied by an ACTUAL bee:

Mephiskapheles has nothing on Mabel.


Scientific sidenote:  There is a reason we’re not fretting about the bee and getting stung.  You can hear Mabel mention in the video that the bee has a white face.  That’s because it’s a male Carpenter Bee.  While the bee is definitely checking her out, male Carpenter Bees don’t have stingers and aren’t aggressive.  While it was annoying back in April that we couldn’t be out on the deck without being buzzed by that bee, since there was no danger of being stung, we just went with it and used it an opportunity to teach Mabel how to react around bees (ie don’t freak out and flail around like a maniac).

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