I don’t get pregnant, I take hostages.

The other night I joked with Mac, “I don’t get pregnant, I take hostages.”  He cracked up.

It’s true.  I’m 41 weeks and 4 days.  Nothin’ doin’ on the labor front.

I wrote last week about whether or not we should pick our baby’s birthday- here.

We opted to schedule a C-section for Friday, 42 weeks even- to give my body and this baby every (safe and reasonable) opportunity to do things the old fashioned way.

The image in that post– from the March of Dimes is part of their 39 Weeks of Pregnancy campaign.  It seems as though the campaign is geared towards pregnant women.  Educating them that the standard duration of a pregnancy is from 38 to 42 weeks, and thus women shouldn’t rush things.

Here’s another spot that’s part of the campaign:

While I think it’s great to educate women, I wonder why this campaign isn’t targeting doctors.  It’s not like pregnant women can perform their own scheduled C-section or induce their own labor.  It’s doctors that are pushing or at least agreeing to these early births.

It really seems like this is a self-defense campaign to encourage women to protect themselves from their care providers and resist efforts to deliver their babies early.  It’s odd.  I’m glad I have a level-headed doctor who is well aware that pregnancy can last up to 42 weeks (not that I’m not wishing mine wouldn’t!).


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3 responses to “I don’t get pregnant, I take hostages.

  1. slackersharla

    Good point. Not only does our society in general encourage the general idea of finishing pregnancy quickly, many women have doctors who aren’t particularly supportive of attempts to lengthen pregnancy.

  2. lisa.collins13@gmail.com

    agreed, target the drs (you know, the ones who already know everything & are making these decisions often whether we agree with them or not!) im at 38 weeks & feeling impatient but realize that this kid will likely wait another 3-4 weeks to show up… best of luck to you & your family!

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