If only…

If only they made blocks for girls…

While I’m not opposed to Mabel having toys traditionally categorized as “girl’s” toys- as I wrote about here– I also don’t think that every toy has to have a gender specification.

I thought it was kind of funny that Mabel has taken an interest in these blocks given the recent ‘controversy’ over Lego coming out with products geared specifically towards girls (see here).  These blocks were a hand-me-down from a family friend, and they sat mostly ignored for several weeks.  Then last week she noticed them and went on a building spree.  This was her first, and tallest creation.  She doesn’t care that they aren’t pink, and doesn’t know that they are, apparently, supposed to be for boys.


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2 responses to “If only…

  1. O I think blocks are about as neutral as you can get (and important for motor skill development for all kids!) and it is so funny that people still try to label them. Glad your daughter is exploring outside of ‘girl specific’ toys though. My boys got a ktichen for christmas and just love it! I think all kids should play with a range of toys!

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