No wonder!

Stumbled upon this website from the Museum of Science and Industry that uses cool graphics to illustrate the internal changes that accompany pregnancy called “Make Room for Baby.”

Seeing this picture made me think, “No wonder I’m waking up twice a night to go to the bathroom!”

Source: Museum of Science and Industry

Can’t believe I’m only halfway through- things are going to get a lot more squished!


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2 responses to “No wonder!

  1. Congratulations. Funny how at 20 weeks, when you don’t even look that pregnant, everything in there has already been very rearranged and squished. I’ll admit it: I didn’t like being pregnant at all.

    • I don’t mind being pregnant all that much. It gets uncomfortable, but I’ve been lucky not to have terrible morning sickness or any complications. My main complaint is being tired- which now that I’m in the second trimester has let up considerably from the first.

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