It’s a….

A few weeks ago I posted this to ‘announce’ that I’m pregnant with my second child.

Back in September, right after we found out I was pregnant, we asked Mabel whether she wanted a little brother or sister.  This is what she had to say:

On the Thursday before Christmas, Mac and I went for the anatomy scan and got the happy news that not only is the baby healthy, but he is a he!  We’re having a boy!  Mabel was right!

We are very excited to be having ‘one of each’ as many say.

So far, we’re calling this little guy ‘Nemo’- a moniker chosen by his cousins that we’re using until we meet him and give him a real name (although since Mabel’s nickname in utero was Mabel, Nemo will probably stick as his blog pseudonym).

I finally told my boss that I was pregnant in early December- at which point I was already 17 weeks, wearing maternity clothes, ducking out for prenatal visits, and certain my coworkers could tell something was up.  He took it well, being a father of three himself, so that was a relief.

Now that work ‘knows’ I am free to blog about it!

The first trimester was tough.  On top of the typical exhaustion, I was taking Prometrium to supplement low progesterone levels.  The prescription bottle was covered with warnings that it caused drowsiness, and rightfully so.  I napped every chance I got, went to bed right after Mabel, and was generally sleepy all of the time.  My morning sickness was pretty manageable- I think in part to vitamin B6 supplements that I started at the first sign of nausea around 7 weeks (although I’ve only found anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness).

Now that I’m 20 weeks, I’m feeling so much better.  For instance, New Year’s Eve eve we went into Manhattan for some dim sum and to see the tree in Rockefeller Center.  I pushed or carried the stroller all over the place, up and down the stairs, through the subway, just fine.  Contrast that to a trip Mac and I took down there back in September to celebrate our anniversary when I was 7 weeks and so exhausted that we just sat outside a cafe and played Words with Friends before seeing Avenue Q.

So, hopefully now that I’m ‘out’ as a pregnant lady at work, and with my friends and family, I’ll share more of the process here as well.


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4 responses to “It’s a….

  1. Congratulations!! I think it would be so awesome to have “one of each” but two girls is fun too! I think next time I’ll be surprised cause it’s the only time I probably won’t be dying to know what it is! haha. … Ok maybe I will be a little. I’ll have to restrain myself!!

    • My cousin has 3 kids. She found out with the first 2 pregnancies (a boy and a girl) then decided to let the third be a surprise. She said it wasn’t really worth waiting. The birth day is an exciting and wonderful time whether or not you know in advance if you’re having a boy or a girl. She said that looking back she should have just found out so there would be another exciting time leading up to the birth.

  2. Congrats! I am only 11 weeks so I don’t know what I am having yet and really impatient to find out. Lol. I found your blog through a comment from babble. I love your blog, and maybe it’s because I read many blogs that are just nonsense, it is a refreshing change. This also might be because you write very well and are a scientist. I was a Chemistry major in college but had to quit due to my neuropathy. And boy do I miss being in a lab! I plan to take more classes, maybe just one a semester to fill the void in me. I long to use my brain and take tests, but most of all doing lab work. So anyways, love your blog, keep up the awesome scientific posts!

    • I think the grass is always greener on the lab front. Now that I’m a scientist at a company I don’t do much lab work and I don’t miss it at all! After doing lab work as an undergrad, grad student, and post-doc, I’m happy to sit back and let my technician do the bench work while I design experiments and analyze results.

      I hope you find a way to satisfy your curiosity- and best of luck with your pregnancy!

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