Santa cry!

A while back I posted about taking Mabel for her photo with Santa, here.

Well, let’s just say it didn’t go well.

We had the picture taken at our local Sears Portrait Studio- it was cheaper than in the mall and having an appointment meant no indeterminate waiting periods in line.

We arrived early, and did have a long wait in a sitting area terrorized by twin 4 or 5 year old boys who had seen Santa that day and been given destructive toys that they insisted on hurling at the adults and children in the waiting area.  Their mother was more concerned with picking out her CHristmas pictures than watching her kids, so it was several dirty looks, and ‘taking matters into my own hands’ before we could wait without fear of losing an eye.

Finally, with eye sight intact, it was our turn.  Mabel looked adorable, she’d read some stories on Santa, we approached the studio area with excitement to see Santa!

I was carrying her, and the moment we entered the room she started crying hysterically and clinging to me with all her might.

Several minutes of trying to cajole her into sitting on Santa’s lap, and this is what we ended up with (since we’d pre-paid):

A few weeks later we tried Santa Story Time at a local library.  Mabel enjoyed herself… at least until Santa arrived.  Then she was scared and clingy, so we just left.

Now, she appears to be fascinated with Santa: wanting to look at books about Santa, point him out in those books, point out every lawn Santa she sees.

If you ask her about Santa, she says, “Santa cry.”  If you ask her what happened when she saw Santa she says, “Cry.”

Wonder what next year will be like.

Is your little one afraid of the big guy?

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  1. Stefanie Summerer

    I wondered how it went. The kid did the same thing when he was 2. Eric & I ended up in the picture with him even though we had not dressed the part. So when he was 3, we just skipped it entirely. He exhibited the same signs and I decided it wasn’t worth it. This year, he was more excited about Santa in general and agreed to sit next to Santa while the baby sat on Santa’s lap. The picture isn’t the best, but at least I wasn’t in it. 😉

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