Snapshot: Mabel at 23 months old

This week Mabel will be 23 months old.  Next month we’ll have a 2 year old on our hands!

She’s doing lots of adorable, and not so adorable, stuff right now and I want to remember it.


Her language is astonishing and she routinely uses new words (meaning we have to be super careful about bad language because she instantly copies it!).  However, the funny stuff is her pronunciation.

Bear is bipe.  Don’t know why.  It took Mac and I a while to figure this one out- which was very frustrating for Mabel.

Octopuss is applepuss.

Four is fowa (but not like a little kid who can’t pronounce “r” – like a cab driver from Brooklyn).

Garbage is gaw-beige.

Clock is cock.  Yup.

When she’s in the tub, she says, “Oh my Gaw, what a mess!” and proceeds to ‘clean’ the tub with a washcloth.  She also mutters “Dammit,” but only in the tub (and I take no responsibility for that one!).

She also knows her first and last name, and pretty reliably can spell her first name (Mabel is just her pseudonym).  She also knows my first name and Mac’s first name.  I really wanted her to know all our names in the event that something went wrong.  She can identify herself, as well as give our names if something should happen.  She’s also progressing on learning our home phone number.  However, Mac pointed out that her recitation of the phone number may not be believed since it’s repetitive, (our number is like 123-1234) and she tends to say it over and over (like 1234-1234).

Speaking of numbers, she can sometimes count to ten.  Other times she says, “1,2,3,2,3!” or “1,2,3,6,9,10!”

She can sing most of her ABCs, but only with her alphabet toy- she refuses to sing with me.  So much so, that I was unaware, until 2 night ago, that she could do this.  She always yells, “No!” when I start to since the ABCs.  I thought it meant she didn’t want to sing it, but now I’m wondering if it’s a reflection of my singing.  Two night ago she was playing with the toy she has that sings the ABCs, and she sang most of the letters along with the toy.  Mac knew she was capable of this- just goes to show how much I miss when I’m at work.

One of her favorite pastimes is talking on the phone.  She routinely requests to speak to her grandparents and aunt on the phone- getting upset when their voicemail picks up.

When we’re getting her ready for her bath, we had the habit of saying, “Naked baby!”  So now when she’s in any state of undress, she runs around announcing, “Naked baby!”  She’s also taken to shouting, “Naked mommy!” or “Naked daddy!” if she catches either of us changing.

The way she interacts with her baby doll is adorable.  Lots of hugging, patting on the back, kisses, and snuggles.

She’s really funny with the dog as well.  She’s always telling her “No barking!” or “Go on Tracy!” or “Good dog.”  At bedtime lots of nights she has to go into our bedroom and give the dog a hug and kiss goodnight.  However, she’s also been rough with the dog at times- poking her in the eye while saying “eye” or yanking on her tail.  Mac and I are grateful that Tracy is patient and doesn’t react, but we are being really firm with Mabel that being ‘mean’ and hurting the dog are unacceptable.  (I think the poor dog often confuses Mabel being in trouble with her being in trouble- because she gets a guilty look on her face)

Mabel is afraid of Santa.  Our visit with the mall Santa was panic inducing- with clinging and screaming.  The library’s Santa story time was similarly traumatic so we left early.  When you ask her why she is crying, she says, “Santa.”  However, she routinely points out our neighbor’s light-up lawn Santa with excitement.  So, not sure what’s going on there.

Mabel is generally a really nice and easy kid.  However, we can tell we’re approaching the terrible twos, because minor adversity she used to take in stride now can result in her throwing herself on the floor in a fit of tears.  Not looking forward to this…

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