Let’s talk about evolution- still, again.

Earlier this week I posted about speaking up for evolution– in a video I participated in called “Let’s talk about evolution.”

Well, the video has received some wonderful coverage (and some not so wonderful coverage) by several blogs and sites.

I mentioned the Jezebel post: Female Scientists Patiently Explain That Yes, Evolution is Real.

Now it’s being covered by The Guardian: Let’s talk about evolution.  Which includes some troubling data from a 2006 Science publication showing just how few Americans actually believe evolution is real (shocker- it’s less than half!).

I must admit, I’m very happy that this video is being covered, being seen, getting people talking, and (hopefully!) having an impact on the ‘debate’ over teaching evolution in American public schools.


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2 responses to “Let’s talk about evolution- still, again.

  1. Eva

    I completely agree with you. I consider myself very religious but I don’t find it difficult to accept evolution or too controversial for school. I too am a scientist, that might have something to do with it. If schools teach criticial thinking (which isn’t always the case, sadly), then the students are able to pursue and find answers to any questions that arise.

    • I am religious as well, and I really don’t have trouble not reconciling the Bible with the science. I don’t need proof that the Bible is real, and I don’t fret over proof to the contrary. My faith doesn’t hinge on the Bible being completely, factually accurate.

      I’ve worked with lots of scientists from a variety of denominations, and none of them have trouble with reconciling/not reconciling the Bible with the science.

      I definitely don’t want public schools teaching my kid, or any other kids, religion- be it my religion or any other- in any context other than a comparative religion class/social studies/literature setting. We certainly need informed citizenry, but not kids indoctrinated into particular religious beliefs.

      I think it’s best for schools to stick with the separation of church and state- and teach the science without the religion.

      I’ll send my daughter to school to learn science. I take her to church to learn religion!

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